Three things NOT to stress about during your proposal


Asking someone to marry you is a huge decision. And sure, it can be stressful at times, but don’t let misplaced anxieties distract you from the important parts. Here are some things to avoid stressing about to hopefully free you up for the finer things in life– like enjoying this happy time with the one you love.

1) Will she like the way I propose?
Sure, the way you propose is important and you should definitely put a lot of thought into it. But let’s get real for a moment– OF COURSE she’ll like the way you’ll propose to her. If you’re pretty certain she’ll want to marry you, then asking the question alone will be enough of a surprise and joy to her that any creative thing you do will certainly be received with open arms and lots of praise (and for some girls, lots of high-pitched screaming). I’m not saying don’t plan a proposal at all or only half-fast it. Just don’t stress about it. Pick a way and go for it. Think about your girl and what she would like. She’ll love it because she loves you.

2) What if I say the wrong thing?
As long as you somehow work in the question, “Will you marry me?” you’re golden. Everyone flubs their words here and there. I’d probably avoid calling her fat or stupid. But other than that, nothing you can say will be able to mess up your proposal as long as you do ask. If you’re that worried about your words, cut the speech short and just make the question the headliner. Heck, my husband said “I can’t grow old with you” when he proposed to me when he really meant, “I can’t wait to grow old with you.” Things happen. It makes for great memories. Just laugh at yourself and focus on what’s important– the “will you marry me” part.

3) What if I drop the ring?
Now, this is definitely a valid concern. But something to stress over? Definitely not. Just remember to never hold it outside of the box if you are 1) over a body of water or 2) if you are on sand or some other kind of rough terrain. Once she says YES and everyone stops shaking and wigging out, THEN take the ring out of the box to put it on her finger. However, if you do fumble the ring (hopefully on some kind of flooring that’s easier to find), then there’s nothing to worry about. She’ll think it’s cute and endearing. Plus it makes for great memories.

Remember, if you truly have a good one there– your proposal will be special no matter what because you’ll be starting a new chapter with your best friend.


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