Engagement 101 goes to Washington D.C. in search of the "ultimate ring"



Engagement 101 News Editor Stephanie Taylor is off to Washington D.C. this weekend to attend Ultimate Ring Event 2009 (clever name, eh?). The event, which takes place at I.Gorman’s, will showcase 10 jewelry designers, as well as their eye-popping collections. Expect plenty of footage from the event to surface later on Engagement 101 TV as our busy news editor interviews such top designers as Etienne Perret and Bez Ambar. Other designers presenting are Gebrueder Schaffrath, Henrich Denzel, Alishan, Brian Sholdt, Coge, Furrer Jacot, Sarah Graham and Mae Vona. Oh, and did we mention everything will be 10 percent off?

One at a time, ladies..

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  1. Another great success! My father and I were showing amongst ten designers at I. Gorman at the Ultimate Ring Event and things could have hardly been better! As a designer, going to one of these events, you realize how lucky you are to show your work in a store like I.Gorman. Leading the pack in the field of high-end, customer oriented jewlery sales, the staff at I. Gorman know how to make a customer feel comfortable and taken care of better than just about aanywhere I’ve seen. Anyone in the DC area should know exactly where to turn for their fine jewelry needs!

    -thanks I. Gorman-


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