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Sunday, January 19th, 2014

Romantic Winter Proposal

I love how this video is set up. It’s so adorable.

These two love-birds had been together for five years, conquering all odds. Dahn decided it was time to pop the question, and he definitely picked a wonderful way to do it. He had his girlfriend lead outside by a friend, in the snow (note that she’s in a dress and heels–brrr!), and he’s waiting by a candlelit heart, holding a Hello Kitty and, of course, the engagement ring. When he finally drops to one knee, her reaction is too adorable.

While they may be getting engaged young (21), they are waiting until they finish pharmacy school to actually walk down the aisle. Since they survived the teenage years, I’d say they have level heads on their shoulders to make it through school before a wedding ceremony!

Make sure you watch to see the pictures of the ring at the end. Talk about GORGEOUS!


Friday, January 17th, 2014

Valentine’s Day Proposal Guide

It’s really hard to plan a proposal for Valentine’s Day without it being a little cliche. The holiday, in general, is pretty much a cliche in itself. If you’re not out on a romantic date, you’re sitting at home taking a bite out of every chocolate in the box, or you’re with your girls having an “anti-Valentine’s Day” celebration. One way or another, you acknowledge the day with, well, a stereotype.

So if you’re looking to propose on Valentine’s Day, just how do you do that without fitting in to some preconceived notion of what the holiday has to offer?

Step One: Make it Original

You can use all the roses and conversation hearts there are to offer, but if you want to propose on Valentine’s Day you need to make some part of it your very own. Write a love letter, pick a spot that’s not overwhelmed with cupids, or even do something completely “anti-Valentine’s Day” by proposing the day before or after. One way or another, if you want the day to be special to your proposal, make sure you do something so it’s not just, “He proposed on Valentine’s Day!”

Step Two: Make it an Extravaganza

The pressure is on when you propose on Valentine’s Day. Dinner, chocolates, champagne, and a proposal are the usual play-out, right? Right. Therefore, you should probably go a step further. I don’t mean whisk her off to Paris to do it (of course, if you can, please do), but I do mean do a little something more.

My absolute favorite Valentine’s Day proposal happened on an episode of 7th Heaven many years ago. The guy bought the girl a dress and had it delivered to her that morning. He rented out a room in a restaurant, invited her friends and family, had a band… he did it all. When she came down the stairs to the party, he dropped to one knee.

This is what I’m talking about, gentlemen. If you want to propose on Valentine’s Day, you not only want to make it your own, you want to truly go an extra mile… or two… so you outshine the “day of love”, or at least live up to the name.

Step Three: It’s All About Love

Valentine’s Day is the day that makes us all remember that four-letter-word. Whether you’re in love with someone or have loved ones, you know what it’s all about. When you’re proposing, you want to make sure to focus on the love. Valentine’s Day pretty much shoves this in your face, so remember to REALLY focus on the fact that it’s about your story. It’s not about the day, or the accessories, or the pressure– it’s about you. However, if we’re being honest, proposing on Valentine’s Day guarantees some expectations.

Take a deep breath. You can do this.


Photo Credit: Tumblr.com

Thursday, January 16th, 2014

Peter Pan Proposal in Glasgow

The show is coming to an end, they’re getting ready for the finale, but instead Peter Pan, er… Sam… calls it to a halt. He tells the audience how the show would normally end, but then explains that it isn’t about Peter Pan and Wendy right now, but about Sam and Jane… and Jane starts to cry.

On stage proposals tend to be my favorite, especially when it involves two cast members. How perfect is it that Peter Pan and Wendy fell for each other in real life? I guess it makes sense. If you spend enough time acting like you’re in love with someone, it’s bound to spark a real relationship of some kind, right?

Well, Sam wanted to do it right. Jane’s whole family was in the audience, and he did it in style, using the place where they met and developed their relationship.

Jane’s reaction is absolutely priceless. I think it was a combination of crying and laughing, but she just can’t stop. To be put on the spot like that, even as an actress, has to be indescribable. She’s sharing her joy, surprise, and love with everyone in the audience. That has to be overwhelming, in a wonderful way, of course.

Second star on the right, straight on ’til morning. These two definitely deserve a happily ever after in Neverland!


Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

How to Stack Rings and Jewelry in Style

Stackable rings is a hot trend this year. Need some tips on how to do it in style? In this week Engagement 101 Minute, Myriam Gumuchian presents the Gumuchian nutmeg collection of stackable rings, available in white, yellow and rose gold, and shows us how to combine them. Watch the video and find out how to stuck your rings for a gorgeous fashionable look.

And here is a close up of the Nutmeg collection rings by Gumuchian!

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

Ashlee Simpson’s Engagement Ring

Ashlee Simpson is engaged to Evan Ross! The couple got engaged while on vacation in Hawaii and shared their joy on Twitter on January 13. Check out her amazing marquise cut engagement ring in a vintage or vintage-inspired setting:

Here is a  close up of her beautiful ring:

Looking for a similar look for less? This gorgeous marquise engagement ring from the Sylvie Collection features a double halo for a glamorous look.You could even add some rubies to it!

Sylvie Collection

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

Emily Maynard’s Engagement Ring

Former Bachelorette Emily Maynard announced her engagement to Tyler Johnson on Good Morning America, on January 14! Tyler’s proposal, says Emily according to eonline,  ”was the sweetest thing ever.”, a very simple proposal at home in the presence of Johnson’s daughter Ricki.

Emily wanted unconventional jewelry for her engagement, and she got more than she was dreaming of. Check out her amazing stack of bands! It includes two Henri Daussi bands!

We are major fans of the cushion cut eternity band. Here is an exclusive close-up of a similar style stack by Henri Daussi:

Photo Credit: Us Weekly, Henri Daussi

Monday, January 13th, 2014

Phoenix Suns help a man propose

Trent knew that his girlfriend Jessica was a big Suns fan, so he wanted to incorporate it into his proposal. With their help, he staged it so she thought she was there for an interview as a fan. Next, they tell her she can win season tickets if she makes a half court shot.

She missed.

They then show her a video from one of her favorite players, PJ Tucker (1:55), and she jokes that they should have done that first to motivate her. All the while her boyfriend is making his way out of the tunnel to her. Once she sees him it doesn’t take too long for her to figure out what’s going on.

I love men who go to such lengths to show their girls just how much they mean to them. Trent doesn’t really say if they’re both Suns fans or not, but this definitely meant more than a lot to Jessica.


Monday, January 13th, 2014

Turning the “bad” into a proposal.

Frank missed his chance. On his two year anniversary he took Katelyn out to a private dinner in a restaurant. They had their own room, candles everywhere– the mood was set. But Frank missed it. He didn’t propose. His mom, Katelyn’s parents, his friends all told him so. So he kept wondering, how could he top it?

Well, he went a step further. Frank started thinking of all the things Katelyn wasn’t too fond of. For instance, the cold winters in upstate New York. She hated living in the residence halls. And one year, on New Year’s Eve, they had a big fight that made that time of year always a little tense from them.

Frank took all these negatives and made them into one big positive. He proposed the night before New Year’s Eve, out in the cold, using the windows of a residence hall that were lit making out, “Will you marry me?”

Frank is kneeling in the cold, in some snow, in the road asking Katelyn to open her eyes and look up and she just won’t do it. He clearly wants her to see all his hard work before he proposes, but pops the question anyway before she finally sees it in lights.

Watch also as Frank and Katelyn talk about their experience with HLN News Now.


Thursday, January 9th, 2014

Fighting Engagement Season Blues

I’ve seen it. The news is starting to circle on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and all those sites. Everyone who has been in a serious relationship of some kind is taking a leap. People are spreading the news about their happiness, and others are asking when the madness is going to end.

It’s true. We are here, at engagement season.

For those of you who are joining the merriment, CONGRATULATIONS! For those of you who are feeling like your heart is two sizes too small, don’t be a grinch. Yes, it can be overwhelming or disheartening if all these others are getting the ring and you’re not there yet. But NEVER FEAR. Here are some ways to be supportive and make it through, keeping in mind that your day will come.

1. Celebrate. Nope, it’s not easy. Your best friend just got engaged to her boyfriend of five months while you’ve been with yours for seven years and he has yet to make that jump. However, you’d want her to celebrate with you if you were the one with the ring, so make sure to reciprocate! Take her out for a girls night where she can tell you all about the proposal and dish about how stressed she already is with the wedding planning. Now, don’t go too far and make offers you don’t intend to follow through with, or you may feel are a little too difficult if you’re feeling extra bitter, but do try to be genuinely happy for your friend. Someday she will be the same for you!

2. Make Resolutions. If you’re in a relationship and want your man to be even closer, make some resolutions together. My husband and I started doing this the first year we were married, and it helps us so much to have goals to work towards together. This year we made 14 goals. Even if we don’t meet all of them, we are starting out committed with extra energy because they’re goals for us both, not just individually. Do this with your boyfriend! And, if you can joke about it, put “GET ENGAGED” on there and then laugh about it… but I would only do this if you can get away with it, not if it’s going to start a fight or nagging.

3. Plan for Valentine’s Day.  This may sound like an awful idea if you aren’t engaged, but you want to be prepared. Don’t keep getting more and more disappointed, only to have another wave of engagements hit around Valentine’s Day. It’s inevitable. It’s the cliche romantic in everyone that likes to use holidays to propose, and there’s nothing wrong with it! It just feels like it because it may not be happening to you. Distract yourself. Plan an epic datenight with your man (if he’s not doing the planning), or plan a party for all the single ladies, or a party… whatever you need to do to get out of the funk.

4. Commiserate. You don’t want the word spreading that you’re jealous because Jane got a ring before you did, but you do need to find someone you can express yourself to. Whether it’s your man (be careful there) or your mom, find someone who will help you remember that it’s not all about the ring and the wedding. Remind yourself how amazing you are without that accessory, and that when the time is right it will all fall into place for you!

5. Plan an Engagement Party. I mean for whoever you know is engaged. Have a party with your friends, have the guys there, and make a speech about how wonderful it is they’ve found each other. Have you ever watched How I Met Your Mother? It takes Ted, the one who wants marriage the most, the LONGEST to find “the one”. Be happy for your friends, be the best supporter and helper you can be, and throw them a party to show them you’re not bitter… even if you kind of are.


Photo Credit: Getty Images

Thursday, January 9th, 2014

A “Groupie” Proposal

Drew wanted to propose to his girlfriend, Amanda, with music. It had been such a large part of their relationship, helping them with ups and downs, that he knew that’s just how it had to be. But how?

Well, the two of them had discovered the band Walk The Moon a few years ago, and wouldn’t you know that Drew was lucky enough to get to do some work for them! So, of course, Drew knew it had to be with them.

When it came time to pop the question, he asked the band if I could do it before “I Can Lift A Car” at their show in NC . It’s a special song for Amanda and Drew, and it’s all about that amazing feeling you get when you’re with someone and you feel like you can do anything. Drew was overwhelmed when the band agreed to his plan.

The guys brought Drew on stage by introducing him as the designer of their backdrop. He had some trouble, but he convinced Amanda to come on stage with him, even though she didn’t understand why!


From there, it’s history. I have to say that this seems so fitting.

I love Amanda’s face as soon as it clicks what Drew is doing. It’s one of those, “OH MY GOSH NO YOU’RE NOT” faces… but she’s keeping decently calm since, ya know, she’s on stage!





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