Thursday, May 15th, 2014

The “B” Collection: Help the Bees!

Did you know that according to recent studies one in every three bites of food consumed in the United States is either directly or indirectly pollinated by bees? Gumuchian created exquisite designs for this special collection inspired by bees. Part of the profits will go to a nonprofit organization: HoneyLove, protecting the bees and inspiring new urban beekeepers. The suite offered includes both links and cuff bracelets, earrings, pendants, rings, and five different bee related charms. Here is a sneak-peak with these beautiful earrings!

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Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

“Promposals” vs. Marriage Proposals

The stakes are getting higher and higher with proposals. Even taking someone out on an awesome first date date could have to involve something like stealing a blue french horn. The more romantic movies and books get, the more people expect in real life. Are we setting the expectations ridiculously high? It’s possible.

The newest trend (or maybe not so new) is big prom proposals. Forget just approaching that special someone in the hallway, or just asking your girlfriend/boyfriend casually if they want to go to prom. No. You have to do something big. So, the question is: if you have an epic prom proposal, will you be comparing your marriage proposal to it years later?

I know, I know. They’re completely different. But, come on. Watch some of the prom proposals below and tell me they wouldn’t be just as epic if you changed it from “Go to prom with me?” to “Will you marry me?”

In good news, you can always use these prom ideas for the “real deal” when it comes to proposing. After all, who is more romantic than teenagers? It’s when you’re expectations are the highest because you haven’t experienced quite as much of the “real world” yet…am I right?

If someone had shoved that many ping pong balls into my locker, though, I’m not sure I would have thought it was very cute.

What do you think? Are “promposals” putting more pressure on marriage proposals?



Monday, May 12th, 2014

Catch Me If You Can Proposal

There’s nothing like a curtain-call proposal. After all, if you’ve got the talent (and the pipes Zack has), then what better way to propose to the love of your life?

The cast has just taken their bows after their opening night performance of Catch Me if You Can, but Zack (as the lead role of Frank) tells the audience they almost missed out on an “extra scene”. Soon the whole cast is in on it as Lauren, Zack’s girlfriend, is being brought up on stage as a “perp.”

Zack tells the audience that he thought the only way to ask Lauren a certain question was to do it in the way that he knew best– with song and dance. Lauren, though still blown away by his moves, starts getting into it, too. I mean, what do you do when you’re on stage and everyone else is singing and dancing? You certainly don’t just stand there!

When Zack sings, “I have a ring in my hand!” the whole audience cheers. Zack takes the tune and lyrics of, “Live in Living Color” from the show and makes them his own (partially) for this amazing, talent-filled proposal.


Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Friday, May 9th, 2014

3 Memorial Day Proposal Ideas

Memorial Day is a day to remember the men and women who gave their lives serving our country. It is not all about barbecues and parades. This does not mean, however, that it’s not a special day propose. If you or your significant other have people in your family who may have lost their lives as a sacrifice, or you or she have served, then it may be a very special day to chose to propose. Here are some ideas.

1. Land of the free, because of the brave. If this is a true day of remembrance for one of you, then you may be making plans to visit another loved one’s grave. While it may seem a bit morbid, if her grandfather was an extremely important person in her life and she wished that he would have been able to watch her get married, proposing at his grave site could be an option. If you don’t want the graveyard to be the place where you take a knee, then perhaps wait until after visiting and tell her you want to spend the rest of your life with her by your side, and you know how it’s a special day for her because she wants to remember her grandfather, and then ask for her hand.

2. Family plan. This may be the perfect holiday to propose with family around. Memorial Day weekend seems to be the time to get together, whether at the beach or at home, and enjoy some outdoor activities. Why not plan some fireworks of your own at a family get-together and propose? Tell her that the day is to remember all those who lost their lives so you could be spending time with your family, and you don’t want to spend any more time without her being a true part of that.

3. Go vintage. Plan a photo shoot where you dress up in vintage clothes to celebrate the day. What was more romantic than a soldier coming home after war? While the day is to remember those who lost their lives, I believe it’s also a day to celebrate those who lived. Once you’re in uniform for the shoot, pick a spot and drop to one knee. She’ll be too giddy to say anything but, “Yes!”

Take a moment to remember those who lived and lost their lives for our country.


Photo Credit: Bridal Musings

Wednesday, May 7th, 2014

5 Love Languages Proposal: Words of Affirmation

If you’re into reading books with your sweetie, which really you should if you’re preparing to take the next step, then I suggest The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. It’s a great book that really helps you understand your significant other’s, well, love language. There’s that saying for a reason! If you don’t want to read the book, you can take the quiz online to figure out (the quick and easy way) your love languages.

I’m going to be using all five with suggestions for your proposal. After all, you want it to be memorable and make her feel like the most loved person in the world, right?

Words of Affirmation means to use language to affirm, encourage, and ultimately support your loved one. So how do you do this with a proposal? Here are three ideas!

1. Take your time, write it out. The week leading up to your proposal, surprise her with notes, letters, e-mails, and texts throughout the week. Make each one memorable and person. For example:

I love when you text me good-morning. It means so much to me that’s the first thing I wake up to.

I know you’re having trouble with [xyz] right now, but you are such an amazing woman I know you can handle anything that comes your way. You amaze me everyday.

Let your last letter be the one you spill your guts in, but make sure you are truly praising her and all she’s done.

2. Little things count. Do you have a hard time expressing yourself? Is it something she maybe complains about, because it means so much to her? Take the time to say thank you when she folds your dirty laundry, or tell her you love her in an ordinary moment. Remind her that everything she does, matters. You may express this different, but if her love language is words of affirmation, she needs to hear it from you. Make it a goal to say things that matter, leading up to your proposal.

3. Plan a speech. More than anything, she wants to know that everything she does matters, especially what she does for you. If you’re proposing, she doesn’t need extravagant gifts or gestures; more than anything, she wants words. Make sure you plan a speech that is meaningful and heartfelt. If you’re not a man of words, I know this is tricky, but there’s a reason she’s still with you and more than likely ready to marry you. You can do it!

More love language ideas to come!


Photo Credit:

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

4 Ideas on Proposing with Pets

If your fur-babies are just as important to you as your real ones will be some day, then what better way to propose than by incorporating their sweetness in the proposal? Here are 4 ideas on how to get her to say “yes” while enlisting the help of a four-legged friend.

1. Dress ‘em up. Dogs and cats are adorable on their own, but having a custom collar or sweater with, “Will You Marry Me?” on it is definitely unbeatable. Surprise your significant other when she comes home, or at the dog park, or even with a new addition to your family-to-be (the furry kind, I mean). This is a great alternative to the usual of putting the ring on the collar. She comes home, is greeted by her loving kanine or feline, only there’s something a little different. When she sees the message, you can appear or be waiting in the other room on one knee.

2. Dog Park Scavenger Hunt. Plan a scavenger hunt at the park that your girl must complete with your Fido. Set up clues (that also include dog treats), and end the game with your dog retrieving a new toy that just happens to have the ring inside! When he drops the ball, retrieve the ring (make sure you’re kneeling), and pop the question! Just make sure that the toy is securely closed. You don’t want to have to wand and retrieve that ring before putting it on your girl’s finger.

3. Teach a new trick. If you’re still on the dog-side of things, teach your dog an “up” trick where he may be begging. If he already knows this trick, call her into the room and have him do it– only put the ring on his nose or paws. Again, make sure your dog knows not to eat the treat– have an edible one ready for him while your new fiance takes the ring! Not a dog person? How about a bird? teach your parrot to say, “Will You Marry Me?” when he’s perched on your shoulder (or your knee if you’re kneeling)!

4. Take out an ad. Newspapers, Craigslist, Facebook– somewhere you know she’ll see it. There are always advertisements for puppies and kittens. Take an ad out, pick your pet of choice, make sure he/she has a bow on, and let the advertisement do the rest. Address it directly to her with something along the lines of, “Come pick me up to receive more than one surprise!” You can be waiting (with your new furry friend) at the designated spot and have a romantic proposal planned to boot.

If all else fails, tying the ring or a sign around your furry friend’s neck and sending him “mama’s” way is a sure-fire way to get a yes, too!


Photo Credit: Payne Corley House

Sunday, May 4th, 2014

Orchestrating a Proposal, a musical moment to remember

Peter and Kate started talking about marriage and looking at rings just six months into their relationship. Peter hadn’t officially proposed yet, and they were already planning the wedding.

So how do you propose when she knows it’s coming? Please take a lesson from Peter.

He told her they were meeting with their minister, but first he had to pick some sheet music up for a friend. He sat down at the piano, told her he knew the piece, and started to place. She wasn’t phased, she was used to this kind of thing… but then the whole orchestra filed into the room.

Kate thought they were imposing on a rehearsal, until she noticed they were all wearing black. The orchestra played through the romantic climax of the piece, then carefully filed out once again, leaving the couple alone. The music starts around 1:25.

Having a past in music, I am admitting now that this made me cry. As soon as the orchestra came into the room, there were tears in my mind. How amazing to use music in this way. I hope they danced to this song at their wedding.


Video and Picture courtesy of New York Times via YouTube.


Friday, May 2nd, 2014

“Up” Inspired Proposal

Charlie and Stephanie met through some friends, but never really connected until some Tumblr chatting started to happen. Once Charlie introduced Stephanie to his son, Rex, she knew he was the guy for her.

Stephanie and Charlie were all about Disney, and on more than one occasion they had talked about the future, wedding plans, and how Stephanie wanted a Disney Pixar’s Up themed wedding, her favorite movie. She had even imagined her proposal, but hadn’t shared those details with Charlie. Somehow, he knew just what she wanted.

On their two year anniversary, they planned a trip to Disney to celebrate. Stephanie gave Charlie his present in the morning (a new bike), but he insisted she wait until later that day to open her gift. After plenty of celebrating,they returned to her apartment and he presented her with a box wrapped in Disney paper. Slowly, she opened it.

In the box was “Our Adventure Book”.

“I knew as soon as I saw it what was happening. In the book were our adventures: Disney trips, theater shows, our graduations, and even our trip to D.C a few weeks beforehand. I cried as I flipped through the pages. I got to the page titled “Stuff We’re Going To Do” Charlie had filled pages with future plans, like trips that we wanted to take, and at the very end was a page with a ring attached that said “Will You Marry Me?” I was sobbing I was so happy! He knew what I wanted.”

I am so jealous of this proposal. Since my hubby and I eloped when we were really young, we didn’t have a “real” wedding. Now that we’ve started talking about a vow renewal ceremony, we’ve talked about making it Up themed. It seems we’re not the only ones who love Carl and Ellie’s love story.

Stephanie has confirmed that they are definitely planning an Up wedding.


Photo Credit: Stephanie Lynn

Thursday, May 1st, 2014

Star Wars Inspired Rings

With the recent announcement of the Star Wars Episode VII cast, and the fact that “May the Fourth” is approaching, I thought it only appropriate to round up some Star Wars inspired engagement and wedding rings for you. Think of them as inspiration. Let’s face it, if you don’t like Star Wars, something is a little wrong with you. If you’re this obsessed, or more importantly if she’s this obsessed, then you should take this post very seriously.

R2D2 Custom-Made Engagement Ring

This droid is for sale. No longer does it have to be made by special request. If you know your girl has been eying this ring, then now is your chance to scoop it up. You can even buy matching wedding bands.

Photo Credit: Custom Made

Princess Leia and Han Solo rings- His and Hers

If you’re looking for a matching set, look no further. Han may not have been a many of many words, but we all certainly remember when Leia proclaimed her love and he responded, “I know.” In the end, I guess it was meant to be, but I’m not sure how I would have felt if I were Leia in that moment. Just sayin’.

Photo Credit: SwankMetalSmithing on Etsy

His and Hers Darth Vader Light Saber Ring Set

Going to the Dark Side? These rings have extraordinary craftsmanship and, again, come in a matching set. You two will always remember who the force is going with.

Photo Credit: SwankMetalSmithing on Etsy

If all else fails, and you don’t think you want to go all the way with a Star Wars inspired ring, you can always use Lego’s to help you propose instead.

Photo Credit: Geek Tyrant

May the Fourth… May the Force be with you!


Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

Three 21st Century Book Quotes for Proposals

Books these days gain cult-like followers. Then again, I guess it’s always been that way. But when books are turned into shows or movies it gets even worse.

If you’re into the literature (or the screen versions) and your loved one is, too, then here’s a way to get her heart racing when she responds to your proposal.

1. My Khaleesi. Daenerys’ first love Drogo wasn’t always her “sun and stars”, but their romance really came to life on the page and on the screen. If you’ve followed the series, you may know they don’t exactly get a happy ending, but that doesn’t make it any less romantic if you propose to your girl using the phrase, “You are the moon of my life, let me be your sun and stars.”

2. Girl on fire. Who doesn’t love the back and forth love between Peeta and Katniss? Peeta is willing to give up everything for the girl he loves and waits, not really knowing if one day she’ll truly love him back or not. So while you’re on bended knee why not hold out the ring and say, “You love me. Real or not real?” To me, responding, “Real!” is something unique to share rather than your typical, “Yes!”

3. Okay will be our ‘always’. If you haven’t read John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars, well, you should. Some people may not dig the YA Lit section, but this is a love story that can pull on anyone’s heart strings. Even if you just see the movie, make sure to have tissues with you. If you’re not a wordy sort of guy, and your significant other has read this book, then simply saying I love you, kneeling down and saying, “Okay?” could make sparks fly. If you don’t believe you, you haven’t read the book.


Photo Credit: suziscribbles on etsy




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