Monday, May 18th, 2015

Target Proposal Makes Woman Want Wedding at Target, too!

Jennifer, a mom of six, was doing her typical routine of shopping at Target. Little did she know that her boyfriend had a surprise planned.

When Jennifer heard her name over the intercom, she had no idea what was going on. When she entered the cafe area with her shopping basket, she just happened to look over and see her boyfriend on one knee, flowers beside him and ring box open for the proposal. Jennifer was in complete shock, but was so excited to accept.

So where did he get this idea? Jennifer, apparently, loves Target. She’ll be there four to five times a week doing shopping for her family, so it was a safe-bet for her boyfriend that she’d be ready to accept him in her favorite store. But now Jennifer doesn’t just want their engagement to have taken place in their local store– she wants their wedding there as well!

While I, personally, love Target… I’m not sure it’s the place I’d want to have a wedding. However, Jennifer is hoping her store will hop on board and allow the couple to plan their ceremony and such to take place in the store.

What do you think? Would you want your proposal and wedding to take place in your favorite store?



Sunday, May 17th, 2015

Should you propose on her birthday?

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Saturday, May 16th, 2015

Puppy Proposal Ideas

There’s nothing better than a proposal… unless you throw a puppy in the mix. Want to show your girl that you’re more than committed? Here are three ideas on how to propose with a ring and a fuzzy new fur-baby.

1. Ring around the collar. Surprise her with a puppy and tell her that you want to raise it together, and tell her to look at his/her collar. You can even have the ring and, “Will you marry me?” on there! Talk about a way to show commitment! If there’s no baby in the mix, a puppy is the first step… right?

2. Have your dog deliver the message. If you have a dog together, or one of you has a dog already, use this to your advantage. Take a picture of the puppy with a, “Will You Marry Me?” sign or, “Will You Be My Mommy?” or however you want to work it. OR you can have the dog greet her at the door with the same time of deal. However you do it, there’s nothing cuter than one of the four-legged getting in on the moment.

3. Dog Park Excitement. Spend a day out at the dog park enjoying the company and atmosphere. Find a moment to put the ring on your puppy (as long as it’s safe!) and be like, “hey, boy, what did you find?” and then have her look to find her ring! Drop to one knee, untie that ring, and ta-dah! You’re engaged!


Wednesday, May 13th, 2015

Woman Survives Brutal Attack By Her Ex Just Got Engaged… to one of the EMTs who saved her!

In January 2012, Melissa Dohme was stabbed over 30 times by her ex-boyfriend. When EMTs arrived on the scene in Florida, Cameron Hill (one of them) said he couldn’t even tell she was blonde because there was so much blood.

Dohme survived the attack, after flatlining in the hospital four times, and since has become a domestic violence advocate for a local nonprofit in Florida.

Later in 2012 when Dohme was giving a talk at a church, she ran into none other than Cameron Hill. The two felt a spark and agreed to meet up. Thus began a fairytale from a tragedy.

On Monday, May 11th of this year, Dohme was asked to throw the opening pitch for the Tampa Bay Rays to recognize her advocacy work. But she wasn’t expecting something a little more romantic. On the ball, Hill had written, “Will You Marry Me.” He had apparently been planning this surprise for a while, with the help of the Rays.

Can I get a, “And she lived happily ever after?” I mean, I know it’s they… but this girl just deserves this.


Photo Credit: Facebook of Melissa Dohme.

Monday, May 11th, 2015

Proposal at Ed Sheeran Concert

It’s always fun when celebrities get in on proposals. Wednesday night in Austin, Ed Sheeran stopped in the middle of a performance and basically said, “I have no idea what’s going to happen next.” He stepped aside and invited two fans on stage, handing the microphone over to the guy and just sitting back to enjoy the show.

I mean, how cute is Ed? He just grabs his water bottle and starts watching as intently as I’m sure everyone in the audience was, as though he was just part of the crowd.

Anyway. So around 3:35 said guy starts an incredibly romantic speech to his girlfriend, letting her know how much he loves her. My favorite line is right before he proposes when he says, “God only made one perfect answer for one perfect question” (4:50). He then dramatically pulls out the ring, showing it to the crowd (who probably can only see that his hand is in the shape of holding something) and gets down on one knee.

I love how Ed doesn’t stand up until he figures he’s given the couple their moment. All I have to say is, I wouldn’t mind this proposal one bit– especially if my boyfriend had a flare for the dramatics like this guy did!


Thursday, May 7th, 2015

Beach Proposal Ideas

As summer draws near the beach is calling many of our names. If you and your sweetie are planning a day/weekend/longer getaway, here are a few ideas of how to propose when the sand is between your toes!

1. Walking into the sunset. It may seem cliche, but girls do really dream about walks along the beach at sunset with the men they love. Go with this stereotype and make it your own, hiring a guitarist to wait at a certain point to serenade you two, or a table with champagne waiting for you. There are these romantic ideas for a reason. Embrace it and go with it!

2. Sandcastle Building. Bring out your inner child and build a sand castle together, or bury someone in the sand. After you build the castle, say you want to give her her heart’s desire– castle, happily-ever-after, and all. That’s your cue to pull out the ring! If you’ve been buried, or bury her in the sand, suggest that you want to be covered by her love? I know, I know. These sound cheesy, but I guarantee you it will win you a “yes” and a story she’ll love telling everyone.

3. Resort- Style. If you have the funds or have been planning a blow-out beach vacation for a while, then you have no reason not to go all out. Plan a beach dinner, dancing together as the waves make music; or you can get a couple’s massage, or find a special waterfall. All of these offer the perfect, picturesque moment to propose!


Wednesday, May 6th, 2015

Surprise Proposal on Steve Harvey Set

Aaron, Chelsea, and her mom are at the taping of an episode for Steve Harvey. At a breaking point for filming, Aaron gets to stand up and talk to Steve and asks him if he’ll help him make it “as memorable as possible” for Chelsea, who is apparently one of Steve Harvey’s biggest fans.

Aaron gets Steve’s blessing to lead Chelsea down to the stage, who has to know by then what’s going on. As he proposes, he even hands off his mic (which doesn’t seem to be doing much good) off to Steve so he can pull out the ring. Chelsea, of course, says yes. And how special for her mom to get to be there for the moment as well!

The best part of this proposal has to be the look on Steve Harvey’s face throughout the whole thing. This was clearly not prearranged, as many are for TV shows, and he just looks shocked (and dare I say, almost a little annoyed) as Aaron steals his spotlight to propose to Chelsea. I gotta hand it to Aaron, though, he definitely demands attention on this one– and I’m sure Chelsea will always remember it!


Monday, May 4th, 2015

Proposal for Mother and Daughter

Carly and her beau met on Tinder, and since then it’s been history. This guy didn’t falter one bit when he knew that Carly had a daughter, Arianna, and when it came time to propose he knew that it was just as important to include her daughter as it was for him to ask her the big question.

Carly and Arianna follow a row of “street signs” and roses on the beach, all of which say something meaningful to their relationship over time. As they reach an “inner circle” of flower pedals and seashells, he is waiting for them with a speech (2:40). But, really, when he “proposes” to Arianna… it’s definitely a tear jerking moment.

Something tells me Carly might have had a clue as to what was going to happen. I mean, they’re all coordinated with their clothing for goodness sake! Still, it doesn’t take away from the beauty of the proposal.


Saturday, May 2nd, 2015

Memorial Day Proposal Ideas

Memorial Day weekend is usually full of beach or pool fun, picnics and family getting together to grill out. But for others, and the reason for the holiday, it’s a day to remember those who have been lost in the military. So how do you propose on a day like this, especially if you have a connection to the core of it? Here are a few ideas.

1. Graveyard visit. I’m not sure I would recommend proposing in the graveyard, but it would be very thoughtful to take your significant other to visit the grave of the person she’s lost in the military, whether it be her father, mother, grandfather, brother, or best friend. Be there for her as she remembers and misses, and after the visit tell her you wish you could have known that person (if you didn’t), and how you hope he/she would approve of you marrying his/her [daughter/friend/sister/granddaughter].

2. Picnic Fun. Memorial Day should not be solemn, but instead should celebrate the lives of those lost. Have a picnic and take part in the festivities, remembering to take time and share good stories of the fallen. When the time is right, pop the question when it’s just the two of you– or in front of whoever you may be spending the day with.

3. In Memorium. Do something, whether it’s donate to have the name of the fallen put on a bench or stone, or planting a tree in his/her name. Surprise your significant other with this gesture, letting her know you know how much this means to her and how much it, therefore, means to you. This gesture is perfect to lead into a proposal, because you are letting her know that she’s always going to come first and be first in your thoughts/heart/actions.


Thursday, April 30th, 2015

An Overseas Proposal

Jessie was studying abroad and was expecting to spend the day with her sister. What she wasn’t expecting was to find her boyfriend waiting for her in a picturesque spot waiting for her.

As her and her sister emerge from under the bridge, her sister tells her to go “tap that guy on the shoulder.” Jessie clearly recognizes her love, because she goes straight to him and wraps him into a hug. As he’s letting her go, he immediately drops to one knee and asks her to marry him. When he puts the ring on her finger, he removes what we can guess is a promise ring.

While the proposal may have been discussed, clearly she wasn’t expecting it when it happened.





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