Monday, June 30th, 2014

4 Favorite Rom-Com Proposals to Imitate

While you probably shouldn’t base your life off of Romantic Comedies, you have to admit we all have moments we like to think are movie worthy. When it comes to proposing, there’s a reason women use the phrase ‘like a movie’. So how can you give your girl her dream proposal? Take it from ‘the greats’.

1. Love Actually. In Love Actually, Colin Firth’s character Jamie Bennet probably has the best romance (in my opinion) when he falls in love with his Portuguese housekeeper. My favorite scene is when pages from his book go flying and they’re in the lake trying to communicate. This infatuation exceeds expectations and Jamie learns to speak the woman’s native tongue and asks her to “marriage” him in front of her entire family and a restaurant full of neighbors. While you may not have to learn a different language to propose, come up with a grand gesture of your own that you know will sweep her off her feet!

2. He’s Just Not That Into You. For couples who may have been together for a while or co-habitat, something simple but meaningful never goes unnoticed. Who didn’t crack a grin when Ben Affleck’s character Neil proposed to Jennifer Aniston’s character Beth by hiding the ring in an old pair of pants he promised to throw away? Find a way to sneak the proposal into your everyday routine, making it simple but meaningful just for the two of you.

3. Sweet Home Alabama. Leading your girl into an unknown place, in the dark, only to have the lights turn on and be in the center of Tiffany’s to pick out an engagement ring– that’s over the top! Even though Reese Witherspoon didn’t end up with Patrick Dempsey in the end, I’d say this proposal would win any girl over. While this may be above and beyond your budget, surprising your girl with the ability to pick out her own ring could be exactly her style!

4. The Proposal. One of the most unusual proposals where Margaret (Sandra Bullock) proposes to Andrew (Ryan Reynolds) on the street is probably one of my favorites. While the first proposal is a business proposal from Margaret, so to say, the second one is positively adorable when Andrew says, “Marry me because I’d like to date you.” What do you think about the proposing to your fella?


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Friday, June 27th, 2014

3 Unique Summer Proposals While Beating the Heat

Some areas of the country can be, well, miserable during the summer months. There may be moments where you don’t even want to venture out to enjoy the sunshine because it’s just too hot or you feel like you’re drinking the air due to the humidity. This shouldn’t stop you from proposing, however. Here are three summer proposals specifically geared towards beating the heat.

1. Photo Booth Proposal. If you’re having a day where you’re walking around the mall or visiting an arcade or whatever it is you do, odds are you’re going to pass the photo booth that’s always been there. Convince your sweetie to take some pictures with you and pull out the ring in the second frame (depending on how many you get) or hold up a sign or do what you do– that way you’ll capture everything in pictures, and it will be something to always hold on to.

2. Water Balloons. You’re never too old for water balloons. Plan a water balloon fight with your friends or just your significant other on a day that may be extra hot and miserable. Tell her you’ll get the balloons and line them up with the letters for “Marry Me?” Then you can take cute pictures of the balloons before, and have someone take a picture of a water balloon fight as your engagement photos!

3. Boating, anyone? From paddle boats to sail boats, it’s always cooler on the water. Plan a trip or outting where you get to enjoy some water and pick a moment to propose! Just make sure that the ring goes straight from the box to her finger.


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Wednesday, June 25th, 2014

Crafty Proposal Ideas

It’s not secret that today people kind of expect you to be able to use a glue gun– or at least some popsicle sticks and Elmer’s glue. So how do you put this expected craftiness to work when it comes to proposing? Surprise with your girl something made from the heart (that won’t go to her thighs) and she’s bound to keep it in a place of honor– even if it isn’t professional-worthy.

1. Ask her with art. Spell out “MARRY ME?” with some crayons on a canvas. All around it you can take a hair dryer to other crayons to give it a “splatter” effect with the melted wax. It’s something she’ll be able to keep and is low maintenance/cost.




2. Put it in her fortune cookie. I don’t mean a real one, either. Follow this link for instructions on how to make felt fortune cookies for this special occasion! This could carry over as a theme for wedding invites, favors, and more!

3. Put it on a mug. All you need is a standard mug and a sharpie to make this work. Write out your message, do some doodles, and stick that thing in the oven to make sure the message stays put. Voila! You have something to serve her coffee to her with that morning. Just make sure you have the ring handy– and don’t put it at the bottom of her glass!


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Tuesday, June 24th, 2014

Sky Diving Ring-Drop Proposal

It’s a beautiful day for sky diving. What Nicole didn’t expect was for Brandon to propose to her while in the air. ‘

What she definitely didn’t expect was for him to drop the ring.

Good thing it was a fake!

She, perhaps, hadn’t caught on to that just yet when she let go of Brandon to free-fall… since she reciprocated his actions with a one-finger salute, if you know what I mean.

Since I don’t think anyone would ever get me to go skydiving, I would never have to worry about a proposal like this. What are your thoughts in the midst of proposing?



Monday, June 23rd, 2014

3 Do’s and Don’ts of Proposing

Proposing can be complicated. Here are some things to keep in mind when you’re getting ready to pop the question! For more, follow this link.

Do…Make it a surprise.

Even if you guys have been talking about marriage and she knows there’s a proposal in her future, make it a surprise. Don’t be like, “So, you want to do this thing?” just because she knows you guys want to get married. Personalize it, catch her off guard, and go as above and beyond as you possibly can (if she’s into that sort of thing, of course).

Don’t…Propose too early

I am all for believing in you don’t have to date a ridiculously long time to know that you’re with the one you want to marry, but sometimes a quick proposal can scare her off. Women want to be wooed and loved and know that you’re the one who’s willing to keep it up the rest of your lives. Marriage really does change things, so make sure you guys have approached the subject even in the widest of contexts before popping the question.

Do…Know if she wants to pick out her own engagement ring.

This may come across as high maintenance or picky, but women like their jewelry. Remember that she’s going to be wearing this ring for the rest of her life, so if she has a style or specific ring in mind make sure you know. It’s easy to get her friends to snoop for you if you want to ask for some help, and if you don’t there are always smooth ways to figure out just what she likes. An example would be comparing rings her friends or family members might have to what she wants.

Want more Do’s and Don’ts? Let me know! I’m happy to oblige.


Friday, June 20th, 2014

Bonnaroo Proposal

If you didn’t know, Bonnaroo is an annual four-day music festival held on a 700-acre farm in Tennessee. That sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it? Apparently it’s also known as a new generation’s Woodstock, but let’s not get into that.

There with friends, this guy arranges for all of these people to start handing his girlfriend flowers and others are blowing bubbles in their direction. As she’s distracted by the strangers handing her flowers, her boyfriend kneels down on one knee. Obviously this was arranged to be this way, but how perfect is it?

I love that the proposal happens in front of a board that says, “ALL YOU NEED IS…”. I mean, HOW PERFECT?



Wednesday, June 18th, 2014

Extravagant Proposals

There’s nothing like going all out when it comes to your proposal. If you have the funds or the connections, here are three of my favorite extravagant proposal ideas.

1. Billboard Style. Whether there’s a certain way your girl drives to work every day or you guys are planning a trip together where something like this could be spotted– a billboard is bound to get attention, and not just hers! If you’re looking for some public recognition of your relationship, saying it on a gigantic sign that hundreds of people or more could see is definitely the way to go!

Check out this fantastic proposal from Bangladesh. Want to know the catch? The girl proposed to the guy in this love story! Photo Credit: Priyo News

2. Say it in the sky. What’s above a billboard? Sky messages, of course! Whether you have someone write it in the sky or carry a message like this one, it’s hard to say no to something like this. Photo Credit: Sky-Ads

3. Do it like Kanye. I know not everyone can rent out a stadium for their proposal, clearly– but going above and beyond in a celebrity style for your proposal is not such a bad idea. I think it’s an amazing idea to include friends and family when it comes to proposing, but only go all out this way if you know it’s what your sweetie wants. Photo Credit: MTV Style.



Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

Camping Proposal Ideas

If you live in a part of the country where it’s not too hot to enjoy the outdoors, this time of year is perfect to go camping! If you’re an outdoorsy couple, this seems like the perfect opportunity for you to pop the big question. Whether it’s an intimate trip or one you’ve been looking forward to with friends and family, she’s bound to say yes next to the fire under the stars. Here are three ideas on how to propose while camping!

1. Campfire Serenade. Whether you play and sing or can recruit some friends to do it with/for you, there’s nothing like winding down and playing/making music at a camp fire. Rehearse your guys’ song, or even try your hand at composing one, and when the night is winding down surprise her with some music! If you’re in a group, there’s nothing wrong with bringing your friends or family in on it– as long as they can keep a secret! Don’t want your nerves to get the best of you after having some s’mores!

2. Sleep under the stars. Whoever said a tent was necessary for camping? If you’re not worried about creatures stirring, take the opportunity to sleep literally under the stars– sans tent. Hold her hand and look at the constellations and talk about your future together. When the moment is right, you’ll know it. I don’t think you have to get up and kneel on one knee, but just make sure she knows you’re serious– and that she can see that ring in the moonlight!

3. Sunrise, sunset. There is nothing more breath taking than watching the sun go down or up. Personally, I think sunrises are a little more breath taking. They are the beginning of another day, a fresh start, and opportunities. Why not take one of these moments, sitting somewhere with a wonderful view, and propose? Just make sure the ring is secure if you happen to be sitting on the side of a mountain.

Even if your camping trip goes all wrong, you can still find a way to make your proposal work. Trust me. The first time my husband took me camping it was in January and freezing cold. Somehow we ended up with no matches, and the batteries to his stove died during the night because it was so cold and we forgot to put them in the sleeping bag. It was a disaster, not to mention our hike back because we were actually backpacking. However, in the end, it makes an amazing story– and even the worst camping trip ever could make the most fantastic proposal story of all time.



Sunday, June 15th, 2014

2 Volunteer Proposal Ideas

Giving back to the community is always a wonderful thing to do. If this is something you and your significant other like to do, whether it’s volunteer at your local homeless shelter or go on mission trips to far off places, what would be better than to propose in a way that means something to you two while giving back? Here are two ideas for you wonderful philanthropists.

1. Propose where you give back. No matter where you’re volunteering, it has to mean something wonderful to the two of you. Perhaps you have a staff or people there that would love nothing more than to see the two of you make some “final” plans. Get everyone in on it, or pick a spot for just the two of you, and propose there! Make sure your ring is secure. If you’re keeping it in a tool belt, or maybe planting it in her hair net– just make sure it’s somewhere where you always have an eye on it until it makes it to her finger!

2. Plan a special project. Organize a project that you know would mean something super special for her. Do you volunteer at an animal shelter? Make it possible to make a larger fenced area for the dogs! Volunteer at a homeless shelter? Plan a pizza party or something special for the occasion! Maybe your style is to travel to somewhere farther away, whether it’s disaster relief or habitat for humanity work; no problem. Organize a trip especially for your proposal– somewhere, perhaps, she’s talked about going but hasn’t made it there yet. Just make sure that you have her clear her schedule!


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Friday, June 13th, 2014

Build Me a House: 3 Ideas on Proposing With a Ring & a “Home”

Many people are fixated on the idea of a “home”. I mean, just think about Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, right? Classic example! Still, as we grow older and perhaps come from broken homes or messy backgrounds (or not!), we can have this fear of moving forward and having a true home of our own. On the other end of that, we can be SO READY to have a “home” where we can plant our roots and start a family.

Because this is such a big part of being married to many women, whether it’s a house, apartment, or what have you– she wants to know that you’re going to provide her not only with a happy marriage, but a happy home. So how do you bring that across in your proposal? Here are three ideas!

1. Build a Birdhouse. Make your lady a birdhouse and send it to her as a gift, or bring it to her as a gift. Let the birdhouse have the ability to be opened, whether by a door or the roof, and have the ring waiting inside. When you propose, make her the promise that you will provide for her– including a place she will always be able to call home.

2. Drive through some neighborhoods.  My husband, when we were dating, used to just take me driving through neighborhoods. We’d scout out houses and say what we liked about them and what we would want to change and so forth. It was, and still is, one of my favorite things to do. The idea that we would have a house all to ourselves was not daunting at all– because I knew he’d be there. So take her driving and find a near by park in one of the neighborhoods you found a house you both loved. Sit and talk about what you’d like to fill that house with, and then pull out the ring and propose, promising her that some day you guys will make it happen.

3.  Give her a key. If you guys have already talked about who would move in where if you were to take that step, make it happen. Make a copy of a key (whether to her place or yours), and when it’s ready attach the engagement ring to it as a “house warming gift”. If you’re moving into her place, you can still tell her you got something. You don’t have to give her the real key. You can go to a thrift shop or antique store and odds are they’ll have some kind of skeleton key you could buy to present to her with the ring.


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