Thursday, June 11th, 2015

"Old-Fashioned" Proposal Ideas

Some girls have a heart for the vintage life. I mean, what can beat taking someone to a drive-in movie, followed by a date at an old-fashioned soda shop? Not much! Here are a few ideas to make your proposal “vintage” to her taste!

1. Soda Shop Hop. Do your research and find places that either have the soda shop feel or were once soda shops back in the day. You can go “restaurant hopping.” Start with an appetizer, meet in the middle with burgers and fries, and end with a milkshake that has two straws. When she’s full and content from visiting all these fun places, find a spot on a park bench and ask her to be your gal forever.

2. Take her dancing. What makes a girl feel more like a princess than some old-fashioned dancing? I don’t mean clubbing and grinding– I mean something along the lines of ballroom or swing. Enjoy this fun, old pastime together and after you’ve twirled her around the floor a few times, pull her aside and ask her to be your one and only dance partner.

3. Drive-In Lovin’. Find a local drive-in place or find a way to make one of your own. See if you can play one of her favorite movies, and share the popcorn and her favorite candy. Enjoy cuddling in the car, on a blanket, or wherever your heart desires and enjoy this old-fashioned way of seeing an outstanding feature film. When there’s a romantic scene, or during the finishing credits, ask her that big question and be ready to receive a foot-popping kiss.


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Tuesday, June 9th, 2015

Super Hero Proposal Ideas

No one can deny the rise again of Superheroes. But, I mean, do we ever get tired of people with ‘powers’ that save the world? I don’t think so! If you and/or your significant other are superhero fans of some kind, here are a few ideas on how to make the proposal that much more heroic and special.

1. Dress Up. Dress up as her favorite hero (or even villain) to pull off your proposal! IF you don’t fancy the spandex, maybe done that Superman shirt under a suit and tie, or find a way to channel your inner Captain America and take her back to the 40s for your proposal date! Whichever way you do it, make sure you keep in mind just who you’re promising her you’ll be from this point forward in your relationship!

2. Marathon it. Whether you want to watch all the Avengers assemble or go back to the good ‘ole days of Batman (or cartoons?), surprise her with her favorite and take the day to veg out together. When the time is right, excuse yourself for a moment before coming back with the ring and dropping to one knee.

3. Comic-Con. There’s nowhere more appropriate than Comic-Con to propose in superhero stance. Enjoy dressing up together and enjoying the atmosphere, and when you find a spot/stage/saving moment– propose!


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Monday, June 8th, 2015

80s Inspired Proposals

There is nothing like summer love, and if your ‘summer’ has lasted a longer time and you’re getting ready to take that next step, here are a few ideas for your proposal from the greats.

1. Boombox Love. If you haven’t seen Say Anything, then you probably should. This 80s classic has the iconic scene of the guy standing at the girl’s window, holding the boombox. While you may not be able to do EXACTLY this, you could surprise your girl during the night (in a non-creepy manner) and play or perform your love song below her window before proposing.

2. Can’t Buy Love. Show your girl that she was “out of your league” and pick her up on a tractor, or lawn mower, or whatever your style may be. Take her for a picnic or just a spin around the neighborhood. Whatever the case may be, make sure you watch Can’t Buy Me Love to remember your motivation.

3. As You Wish. Remind your sweetheart that a farm boy can be the most romantic person in the world. Enjoy watching The Princess Bride together and when you propose, tell her that you’ll do everything her heart desires… as she wishes, right? I mean, it’s not like you can scale cliffs and battle rodents to win her love. However, if you have the chance– go for it!


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Thursday, June 4th, 2015

Proposing at a Wedding– Positives and Negatives

There’s nothing like attending a wedding and getting wrapped up in the emotions and setting and wanting to propose. While this feeling is completely natural, here are a few positives and a few negatives to keep in mind when deciding if you should or should not propose on someone else’s special day.

Positive: Atmosphere

Let’s face it. At a wedding reception, the stage is set for romance. I mean, it’s supposed to be. You’re celebrating someone’s very special day of coming together as one. You’ve got the flowers, the food, the friends and family– this is all a positive to proposing. If you can steal away a moment in a corner of the dance floor and ask your question, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Negative: Stealing the Spotlight

If you propose on someone else’s special day and make a big fuss, odds are the bride and groom may feel like you’ve stolen their spotlight. After all, this is their special day and you and your fiancé just trampled on that by getting your own big news. You definitely don’t want to rain on someone else’s parade with your own confetti, so if you are going to propose– make sure you can do it quietly.

Positive: Someone is setting the example

You’re watching friends or family start the impossible journey of marriage together. They know (hopefully) it’s going to be tough, but they’re going against the odds for love. This is inspirational, and something to look at when you are thinking of your own wedding day. It gives you the possibility of saying, “John and Jane look so happy because they’re going to spend the rest of their lives together. I want that kind of happiness with you.”

Negative: She wants her moment

Proposing at someone else’s wedding can not only trample on their moment, but yours as well. You don’t want your proposal to be defined by someone else’s perfectly planned ceremony and reception, do you? Well, maybe it makes it easier– but think about what your girlfriend wants. She probably wants her own moment to gush over and tell her friends and family how you planned it and did it, and not have it defined by, “We were at John and Jane’s wedding….”

Just remember, always make your proposal your own!


Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015

Fourth of July Proposal Ideas

I LOVE the Fourth of July. Maybe it’s the patriotic feel, or the food, or the fireworks, or the whole shebang. If you’re proposing to someone like me, then here are four proposal ideas that are bound to get you a yes on this holiday!

1. Ball Game. What’s more “American” than going to a baseball game and enjoying some traditional food? Even if you’re not huge baseball fans, there’s something about sitting in the stands as someone sings The Star Spangled Banner and someone else yells, “play ball!” Whether it’s at the game or after, find a time to pull out the ring for this all-american occasion!

2. Picnic. Go out and enjoy your local color with a picnic. Odds are, no matter where you live, there’s bound to be a celebration of some kind happening at a park or specific spot. Join the fun and when it starts to get dark (BEFORE the fireworks to make sure she hears you), propose! Make it extra special by presenting the ring with something red, white, and blue.

3. Cook Out. Perhaps not the same as picnicking, invite some friends and family over to celebrate the country’s independence/birthday (and your pending engagement)! As everyone’s enjoying their burgers and watermelon (or whatever your style may be), stand up and get their attention by pulling out that shiny rock for your fiancee’s finger!

4. Fireworks Slump. Whether it’s before the big show, or at a time when perhaps the booming has taken a break, or after– propose with the finale. I wouldn’t suggest proposing while their at their height, because, well, she may not hear you! And who wants to miss the actual words, “Will you marry me?”


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Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015

A Reverse Proposal

Katie and Gage have been together for six years. Instead of dropping lots of hints, Katie decided it was time to take some action– and propose.

Gage and Katie had already been talking marriage. In fact, Katie knew the ring that Gage had for her because they picked it out together! He was originally going to propose on Valentine’s Day, but the plans changed when Katie’s aunt passed away. Gage was devastated, and went back to work trying to find a time to surprise Katie. He wanted to surprise her, but he had no idea she’d end up surprising him!

Gage returned to his place and was faced with a letter Katie had written him a year ago that was titled, “Read this when you’re ready to propose!” After he reads it, he goes into his room to find balloons decorated with pictures of their relationship through the years. Katie then gives him “the speech” that most women get to hear, and drops to one knee with a ring pop for her proposal (2:10).

The best part is right after she proposes and he says yes, she asks if he can get her ring! I mean, she knows what it is– and obviously she’s dying to put it on her finger. His mom gives him a little push (his parents are recording the video), and it cuts to Gage reciprocating with a proposal of his own (2:55). Talk about a way to do it!


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Monday, June 1st, 2015

Summer Solstice Proposal Ideas


It’s June! That means it’s warming up even more and the longest day of the year is fast approaching. Don’t let this chance to spend sun-up to sun-down with your sweetie. Here are three ideas for making your proposal-day extra special (and long)!


1. Sunrise, Sunset. Show up at her house just before the sun rises so you can watch it together– even if you can’t spend the whole day together. Enjoy some coffee and breakfast, and then go about your business. After work and all your typical responsibilities, make sure you’re together to see the sun set. As it’s going down, share with her how you want to spend not just that day’s sun-up and sun-down together, but the rest of them of your lifetime. Pull out that ring, get on one knee, and TA-DAH!


2. Plan the Day. If you are blessed to have the day off, or plan to have it off together, then make sure to spend it from start to finish. Whether you take a road trip to your nearest beach/body of water, or spend it cleaning house before having a dinner party– do it together. Surprise her throughout the day with cute things (flowers, hidden notes expressing your love, simple surprises along your road trip) that help her enjoy the day all the more, and then when the time is right (whether it’s at or before the end of the day), propose!


3. Bonfire. Plan a cookout/bonfire with all your friends and family to celebrate the true beginning of summer. Have fun hosting the event together as you welcome the warmest part of the year. When the time is right, call everyone’s attention and express your love and pull out that ring. It will be extra special because everyone who is important in your life will be there for your big moment.




Thursday, May 28th, 2015

Romantic Birthday Proposal Surprise

Cheska had been planning Guji’s surprise birthday for weeks. She had all their friends and family there, and everything was ready. What she didn’t know was Guji had already found out about the party, thanks to his friends who decided to tell him when he divulged he was going to propose the day after his surprise, and decided to take advantage of the moment to turn the surprise around in her favor.

Guji starts a speech, so naturally Cheska moves out of the way in an attempt to give him his “spotlight”, but he keeps pulling her back. His speech is short and simple, “My birthday and life wouldn’t be complete without Freska.” And then he drops to one knee.

What I LOVE is after saying yes, her first question is if her dad knows. Clearly this is a big deal to her, and Guji shares that he properly asked her parents just days before. Also, her explanation of, “It’s supposed to be your birthday!” really hit me. Because, as wonderful as this is, I’d almost be like… wait a second… I thought I planned a surprise for once!


Tuesday, May 26th, 2015

Mom steals spotlight during daughter’s proposal

Bill was getting ready to propose to Breanne, but the only one who seemed to be in on the surprise was her sister (who’s filming).

As she’s trying to capture the moment for them, Breanne’s mom keeps scurrying in and out of the frame thinking they’re taking a family picture. In her haste to move so the couple can get a “picture”, the mom face plants into the sand. While everyone (other than Bill and the filming sister) are worried about the mom and trying to make sure she’s ok, Bill drops to one knee. This only causes Breanne to laugh more when she realizes what’s happening.

What I love is the sister and boyfriend are still going, even though the mom has fallen. At first I thought she fell on purpose to cause a distraction, but it was an actual fall. In case you were wondering, she wasn’t hurt– and Breanne said yes to Bill! At least he knows he’s becoming part of a family that laughs (and falls) together!


Saturday, May 23rd, 2015

Planned out Proposal

Hudson was ready to propose to Katy, but he had one small problem– he needed money for the ring. So he decided to take an extra job as an Uber driver to save up the money.

It took Hudson one year, over one-thousand miles, and hundreds of customers to make the money he needed to propose. He decided to not be bored with his new job, but instead include everyone he met as an Uber driver in his proposal. He made a video of people holding a special sign (Congratulations on your Uber Engagement!) and them saying congratulations to show Katy… after he proposed, of course. Skip ahead to 3:08 to see Hudson on one knee!

I love this because not only do we get to see the proposal, but we get to see the hard work Hudson put in before the big moment. I mean, let’s face it: most videos is just the emotional, down-on-one-knee stuff. We don’t get to see how it all came into play. This time, however, we do! And what commitment Hudson had to work even harder to make sure he could get Katy the ring he thought she deserved!





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