Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

Is Kristen Stewart Engaged?

Kristen Stewart, formerly engaged to her co-star from Twilight, has been seen intimately around town with Alicia Cargile. As the rumors started flying about the two ladies dating, now more have sprung to life when Kristen was spotted with a pretty-looking accessory on that finger.

Even if it’s ‘just a ring’, there’s something symbolic about wearing a ring on that finger. So, could some kind of announcement be coming for Kristen and Alicia? The couple has been close for years, but recent ones have shown them to be inseparable and even locking lips.

So, what do you think? Is Kristen just pulling our legs, or are wedding bells ringing?


Photo Credit: Hollywoodopolis and Moviepilot.

Saturday, January 24th, 2015

Valentine’s Day Proposal Ideas

Valentine’s Day is a day overloaded with your typical proposals. So how do you make it special? Here are three ideas!

1. Say it with candy. Buy her favorite box of chocolates and pre-open it, replacing one of the chocolates with the engagement ring! She may think you’ve skimped out with just candy, but wait until she opens that box! Another idea is to buy a bag of conversation hearts and find one that says, “Marry Me”. Hand it to her with a, “hey, look at this one,” or “I think this one is perfect for you.” As she looks at it, drop to one knee.

2. Choose Your Own Adventure. Do you remember those books from when we were kids? Design a personalized “Choose Your Own Adventure” book and print it out. Write it to go with your love story with funny alternate options and make it so whatever adventure she chooses, it ends up at the final page: a drawing or photo of you on one knee, or just the words, “Will you marry me?” with it setting the stage where you are (We’d be in your living room, we’d be at a restaurant, we’d be in the park…). As she gets to the last adventure and sees that it’s the exact location you’re in, slip down on one knee and pop the question.

3. Party, party. If you aren’t ones for Valentine’s Day, and yet you want to have a sort of “ironic” proposal and chose the day to propose, throw an “Anti-Valetine’s Day Party”. Much like in the movie Valentine’s Day, it can end up being for couples or not. Have balloons and candy and whatever you want to make the part as anti-cupid as you can. But throw a kink in the plans and propose in the best, cheesiest way you can at the party. There’s no way she’ll be expecting it, and it will be a story to last you a lifetime!


Friday, January 23rd, 2015

Proposal on the Meredith Vieira Show

There’s nothing like attending a recording of show, but it’s even more exciting if you find yourself at the center of it.

Nick wanted a special way to propose to Alexa, and found the perfect solution. They had been talking about getting engaged, and Nick confessed he wanted it to be as unexpected as possible. He did just that. On the show, Meredith tells the audience that they’re going to watch a trailer for a new movie. But, of course, it wasn’t an actual trailer– it was the story of Alexa and Nick’s relationship.

Around 1:30, after the trailer, Nick drops to one knee. Like any live show, the proposal just isn’t enough. They’re surprised by their parents and a free honeymoon. Talk about a way to celebrate!

Alexa is so shocked, and I absolutely love her reaction to the ring. And you see why after she says yes and puts that thing on her finger!


Thursday, January 22nd, 2015

Keeping it Local Proposal Ideas

No matter where you live, you have never done everything there is to do. Whether you think something is for the tourists or you just haven’t had the time, what better way to make your proposal special than to dedicate a new spot to the special moment? Here are some ideas on how to do that!

1. Hot new date. If you live near a city, or within driving distance, find a new restaurant, place to hang out, local music scene– anything that you and your sweetie are into that you haven’t done yet. Try a new brewery, visit a new park, go on those paddle boats that you always talked about going on. Do something that you’ve never done before, and whether the experience is amazing or not-so-up-to-par, end it with your proposal and promising to continue to try new things on your adventure through life together.

2. Make a picnic. Even in the cold, there’s nothing like going somewhere new or doing something new in a familiar spot. Picnic near your special lake, or find a drive-in theater, or even in the middle of that busy shopping center by the fountain. Whatever it is that you like to do, add some cuisine to the mix to make it more romantic.

3. Plan for events. Local festivals/events/concerts are wondrous things. Even if you’re not a huge fan of what that event may be, it’s trying something new together that connects you in the end. Make it a goal to go to every local event you possibly can, and when you are experiencing one together that clearly has become a new “yearly tradition”, get down on one knee so you have something completely special to celebrate overtime you attend that local festival.


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Sunday, January 18th, 2015

Horseback riding, signs, family, and more in this well planned proposal!

Rudy planned his proposal to the “t”, and Malone made sure to let him know just how much she appreciated it. When he told her they were going horseback riding, he explained the camera crew was for his new social media outlet with his new website. Never did she dream that somewhere along the trail, she would be stopped by her sister and taken for a walk down memory lane and love (around 3:20).

As each sign reveals a new loved one, it also sends the message that something extraordinary is coming at the end of the walk. Rudy pretty much gives away the proposal with the signs, but even moreso when he shares with her how he knew she was “the one”, from his dog falling asleep with her to his mother telling him he had to spend the rest of his life with her. When Malone finally reaches the end of the lane, Rudy is waiting with one outstanding proposal and ring (5:45).

I love this proposal. Though it’s clearly been planned out and took getting people involved, it comes across as so laid back and loving. Congrats to the happy couple!



Saturday, January 17th, 2015

Private, Magical Proposal

Paul wanted to propose to Amanda in a special way, so he arranged for magician and family friend, Billy Reid, to do a private show for them at the Q Club.  Amanda was asked if she minded the close-up magic session being filmed for Billy’s website, and she said she didn’t. Therefore, the camera crew and such were all in on the surprise– making it much easier for Paul to catch his proposal on a video to keep.

Billy is doing the same magic trick over and over, giving Amanda the chance to win a “prize”. What I love is that watching this video, you know the ring is going to end up under the cup. I was just waiting for it to be there. Finally around 2:45 is there, and when Paul moves to drop to one knee Amanda still doesn’t believe him. He asks the question, and what’s her response? “Shut up.”

In fact, she doesn’t say “shut up” just once! He has to keep reassuring her that he’s serious, and that the ring is in fact real, before she finally, officially, says yes.


Thursday, January 15th, 2015

Super Bowl Proposal Ideas

The playoffs are happening and then it’s on to the Super Bowl. If you’re football fans, there could be nothing better than proposing during this awesome end-of-the-season ultimate game (especially if your team is in it)! So how do you do that? Here are three ideas!

1. Go to the Game.

Obviously the ultimate dream would be to score tickets to the Super Bowl and attend the game. During a big play, or whenever you have a clear moment, ask her to marry you! The atmosphere of a football game is like none other, and I can only imagine what it’s like at the Super Bowl. Want to go above and beyond? Make a sign that you won’t let her see, or paint it on your stomach. Football fans are into that thing, right?

2. Host a party.

Have a super bowl party with your closest friends and family and then propose when the time is ripe. There’s nothing like enjoying the game, having those that mean the closest to you there, and ending the night with a win– even if it’s not your team’s victory!

3. Make a play.

Go to a party that you planned but had someone else host. Rent an outdoor theatre and find a way to stream the game. Go to your favorite spot and have something set up for the proposal. Plan something that is enjoyable but ends with an outstanding play.


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Wednesday, January 14th, 2015

Do’s and Don’ts of Proposing on Valentine’s Day

The day of love is approaching and you know that means that there will be plenty of proposals to go around. To me, there’s nothing cliche about proposing on this day– it just means you’re doing it right. I absolutely love Valetine’s Day, and if your girl does, too, here are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when you get ready to pop the question on this big holiday.

Don’t…go cliche.

Just because this is Valentine’s Day does not mean you should put the ring in champagne or think a fancy restaurant will do the trick. While it’s super sweet and thoughtful to make reservations and go out to eat for the holiday, it’s overdone and a little “old school” to think that just dinner is the way to do it.

Do…go the extra mile.

Hire a chef to make you dinner at home, make her a thoughtful present– if you’re proposing on Valentine’s Day, you want to to do the whole over-the-top thing because, well, you need to outshine the holiday. Rent out a room, get a band, and invite your friends and family for the finale. Do this after you’ve already gone out to eat and she thinks nothing else is coming.

Don’t…make it obvious you’re proposing.

Let’s get real– it’s Valentine’s Day. Everyone and their sister is thinking a proposal might happen. It’s the big day, and I’m sure you’re nervous, but that doesn’t mean you need to act like a mess or over-the-top excited and give the surprise away. Do your best to keep calm and carry on before the proposal, or she’ll know what’s coming next.

Do…say you have plans, but downplay it.

Do: Say you have something planned but downplay what it is

You want to build the anticipation and let her know you haven’t forgotten to do something for her on this special day. Keep it vague, and make sure she knows how to dress, but let her know you’ve “done your best” and you “hope she’s not disappointed.” I mean, with words like that she’ll be ever farther over the moon when that big moment comes.


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Saturday, January 10th, 2015

Very Special Magic Proposal

Kostya and Amy were performing at the Orlando Magic Mansion when Kostya decided to switch the script up on his partner in the act. You see, not only are Kostya and Amy performing partners, but in a relationship.

Around 2:05, Kostya is coaxing the audience to remain quiet and telling Amy that people are going to take personal items out of their pockets and she’s going to guess what it is. However, before this he gave a romantic speech about how she always knows exactly what he needs. Maybe she had no idea, but I’d know something was going on. Kostya takes out a ring, revealing to the audience his intent.

When Amy guesses he’s holding an earring, he tells her to take off her mask to see for herself. He then is kneeling on one knee in front of her (around 2:58) and I absolutely LOVE her reaction. No tears, just standing there with the happiest, mouth agape face she could muster.

Needless to say, this couple has a long line of good acts together in the future. Congrats to the talented pair!


Friday, January 9th, 2015

Irish Proposal featuring Bono!

Cliff wanted a very special way to propose to Fiona, his childhood sweetheart. The two were going on a hike to one of their favorite spots, and then Cliff arranged for an Irish group, Keywest, to be waiting at the top to start playing Fiona’s favorite song.

Cliff wore a camera around his neck, telling Fiona he was testing it for work. Then a camera crew, posed as tourists, were also near the couple filming the entire thing. What Cliff didn’t plan that day was that Bono from U2 would be hanging around the spot as well, and so the camera crew was able to get him to share some marriage advice with the soon-to-be-engaged couple (1:43).

When Cliff and Fiona reach the top, and the song is dedicated to them, Cliff drops to one knee (2:51). I love Fiona’s reaction. She is floored, and who wouldn’t be with a moment like that?

My favorite part has to be Bono’s advice. “Just know that marriage is like an act of grand madness. You jump off the top of Killiney Hill and discover you actually can fly.”

Way to pull at the heartstrings, Bono.




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