Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

“Fall-Back” Daylight Savings Time Proposal Ideas

Want to take advantage of that “extra hour” during the upcoming weekend of Daylight Savings Time? Here are three last-minute ideas!

1. Late Night. Go and stay out until midnight and enjoy the fact that you’ll be returning home before it’s actually the next day. Whether it’s just to a late movie or dancing through the extra hour, make a note to enjoy that extra time. When the “new” midnight hour strikes, propose to your Cinderella.

2. Late Morning. Sleeping in is the easiest thing to do on Daylight Savings (if you don’t have kids, that is) and something that should be taken advantage of. Make her breakfast (or lunch) in bed and enjoy feeling slow and lazy as the day goes by a little slower thanks to gaining an hour. When the moment is right, you know what to do.

3. Brunch, anyone? Plan a special brunch with friends and/or family. Whether you let them in on the secret or not, it will be extra special to share that moment with the people most important in your lives.


Monday, October 20th, 2014

Well Planned, Pampered Proposal

Levy and Tiffany met at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA. Tiffany was attending Michigan State, Levy was at SoCal. They crossed paths again in Hot Springs and Indianapolis, and almost a year later attended the same conference in D.C. Finally, the two exchanged numbers.

The two spent 17 months as a long-distance couple. Using sky miles, Skype, and any other resources they could to their advantage. Finally, Levy was planning the perfect proposal.

Tiffany thought she was visiting California to attend a military event for Levy’s father. But when the day started and she was pampered and surprised continuously, she had to have known something was going on. If you notice in the film (made by Candlelight Films), she is reading notes between each stage of the pampering. I can only imagine what sweet words and hints Levy gave her in those.

(His actual proposal starts around 4:30. You have to watch her react to realizing she’s in the stadium where they first met!)

OK… show of hands… who’s jealous?


Photo and Video courtesy of Candlelight Films.

Sunday, October 19th, 2014

Outdoor Fall Proposal Ideas

That crisp feeling of fall is in the air and there’s nothing better than getting outside to enjoy it. So what ways can you take advantage of the changing leaves and sweater-weather with your proposal? Here are three ideas!

1. Take a walk. There’s nothing better than taking a nature-walk to look at the beautiful landscape of fall. Make it extra special by pre-planning and putting signs on the trees that line your path, or setting up a romantic picnic area for your proposal.

2. Bundle up, baby. Go outside when it’s coldest with some warm apple cider and a well-lit spot for your proposal scene. Whether it’s lit by jack-o-lanterns or candles, there’s nothing prettier than guessing the colors of the leaves in the twilight.

3. Ready, set, hike! If you’re football fans, it’s the perfect time to get those cute sweats on, get together with friends, and play some football. Whether it’s touch or the real deal, or maybe she wants to cheer you on from the sidelines, you can involve several people in making this proposal a game to remember.


Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Friday, October 17th, 2014

Are Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden engaged?

The 42-year old Shrek star has fueled the rumor fire after she was photographed wearing a new ring on that finger.

She and 35-year-old Benji Madden– of The Madden Brothers– have reportedly been dating since April. A source during an E! interview said that the two have definitely been talking about the future of their relationship, and that marriage “may be part of the plan.”

Diaz’s sparkles appear to be a diamond eternity band paired with a ring that looks to have a diamond pendant. Absolutely gorgeous!

So, what do you think– is it an engagement ring?


Photo Credit:

Thursday, October 16th, 2014

Escape Engagement Pressure with these three ideas

Let’s face it, sometimes the engagement period can bring more stress and pressure than you’d like to admit. You’re planning a wedding, sharing the news with just about anyone you can, and still trying to maintain and help your loving relationship grow and prosper. But with everything going on, there are bound to be times when you question your decision or maybe get overwhelmed by, well, your new status in life. So how do you make sure to focus on you and your fiance and not on the stress? Here are three ideas.

1. Engagement Moon. Before saying ‘I do’ and going on your honey moon, enjoy a weekend getaway and enjoy being engaged. Go on a vacation where you don’t know anyone and you can tell any stranger your news. But enjoy the status of still technically ‘dating’. Don’t talk about caterers or photographers (unless it’s about getting your engagement photos done while away!), continue to enjoy getting to know each other.

2. Solo Time. This is the time to remember to get out and enjoy your friends. You can still do this while being married, but don’t be one of those people who gets engaged and starts being a shut-in with your other half. Go have fun with the girls while he’s out with the guys, or even go see a movie by yourself or enjoy a coffee shop morning with your favorite book. Things like this still happen when you’re married, but it’s nice to treat yourself to some special time before two become one.

3. Predetermined Wedding-talk time. Schedule a time of day where you talk about the wedding and the long to-do list you’ve been making since you first thought of marriage. Then, when it’s not that time, do your best to focus on your typical day-to-day excitement and conversations. Don’t let being engaged push out your typical conversations revolving around the simple, but very important, things like your interests, your work, etc.

Last of all, make sure to be in open communication. Always keep the other talking about their feelings– you want to know if anyone is feeling overwhelmed!


Wednesday, October 15th, 2014

Lip-Dup Proposal (with a smoke machine to boot).

Jovan believe she’s meeting a friend for lunch. She has no idea that her boyfriend, Bret, has flown in her family, friends, and invited others that are important in their life to be a part of his planned proposal. Not only does it involve friends and family, but around 40 professional dancers as well. From hip-hop artists to ballerinas, Bret really went all out.

Connie, Jovan’s friend, excuses herself to use the restroom and reappears with a guitar. Music starts blasting from somewhere, and cameramen appear to catch the moment on film. As Jovan is welcomed by her friend and greeted by others close to her, I just have a gut feeling she must have some type of inkling of what’s going on.

Bret appears around 3:05 behind some smoke, looking like he just parachuted in. (Maybe Top Gun is one of their favorite movies?) He cheesily joins in the dance. What’s different is she’s lead away from him, only for him to reappear in his tux and drop to one knee (4:25).

I love when the videos have the reaction-cam because not only do we get to enjoy the whole picture, but we also get to see the girlfriend’s response to everything that is going on. Also, I had no idea that NBC did a Marry Me show! How cool is that?


Video and Photos Courtesy of NBC (found on youtube).

Sunday, October 12th, 2014

Fireside Proposal Ideas

As the weather starts to take a turn for the colder temperatures, there’s nothing like cozying up to a fire with your loved one. Whether it’s a fireplace or a bonfire/fire pit, use the romantic atmosphere to your advantage and plan your proposal.

1. Bonfire / Fire Pit. It’s never too cold to throw on sweaters and blankets and snuggle close under the stars. Whether you’re having a get-together with friends or just building a fire for two, propose in the crisp air under the stars with a low-burning fire. You’ll be warm all over when she says yes– and not just from the fire.

2. Romantic Fireplace. Stoke the fire and pop your own corn inside as you prep for movie-night or just settling down and enjoying each other’s company. As the fire burns, take the time to let your sweetie know just what she means to you– and then use the moment to get down on one knee.

3. Candles Everywhere. If you don’t have a way of enjoying a bonfire or fireplace, surprise your gal when she comes home from a long day of work to her apartment/home lit with candles everywhere. (Make sure you don’t put any near curtains, books, etc. obviously.) Let her take a long bath and relax, and emerge to a wonderful dinner (even if it’s just her favorite takeout). Don’t blow those candles out until you’ve asked her to marry you!


Photo Credit:

Friday, October 10th, 2014

Giant Wave Interrupts Romantic Proposal

You can plan your proposal down to the very last detail and feel relieved and prepared, but even you can’t control the weather.

That’s just what this couple found out.

The man proposing had just sang a song he wrote to his girlfriend, and slowly moved to drop to one knee on the rocks at Laguna Beach. But just as he takes a knee and his girlfriend starts getting emotional, a giant wave appears and takes the couple out, forcing them into the sand and cold water.

He had the ambience, the accessories, the song– everything, but he couldn’t control the waves of the ocean. This just goes to show that the most important thing is to go with the flow and remember the romantic things, and the funny. All the details make for one outstanding proposal.


Photo and Video Courtesy of America’s Funniest Home Videos.

Wednesday, October 8th, 2014

Proposing to a Tea Lover

There is nothing like settling down with a hot cup of tea and a good book– or whatever may be your fancy. If you’re dating someone who is very into her tea-time, here are three ideas on how to propose!

1. Loose Leaf. Tea bags don’t compare to using a diffuser or tea-ball for making tea with loose leaves. Pick up some excellent tea from an online store or your local tea shop and put your own label over the original. It doesn’t have to say, “Will You Marry Me?” but it can say something like, “look up” or “tea-fully yours.” Use this opportunity to build up to the big moment. Want to make it extra special? Find a tea store that will let you make your own mix. You can make her own lavender early grey– or whatever she may like– for the special moment.

2. Tea Party for Two. Buy your girl some macaroons and pull out the china (or perhaps borrowed china). Have a book for her to look at (a LoveBook, perhaps) or talk to her about how you’d love to have tea parties with her (no matter how girly they might be in your mind) and find the moment to propose.

3. Tea Set. Antique tea sets mean the world to a tea-lover. Even if it’s not antique and you buy her first set of teacups for her, it’s a win. There’s nothing like already planning a tea-party bridal shower in your head (for your best friend to throw, of course).


Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

‘Fast’ Engagement on Ellen

During her intro of letting everyone know just how loved she gets to feel on her show, Ellen calls down two gents from the audience for a wonderful surprise.

The couple traveled to see Ellen for the first time in February and Justin gave Benjamin a commitment ring. . Less than a year later, and only about a year into their relationship, Justin got Ellen to help him propose to Benjamin on her show.

The couple traveled from Florida to Cali to make the proposal extra special, and Benjamin was more than surprised. When asked if he had a clue, he shows Ellen his shaky hands. (He drops to one knee around 1:20.)

Ellen’s reaction is priceless when Justin tells her they’ve been together for just about a year. Is there really a rule these days on how long people have to be together before they get engaged/married? I had someone tell me the other day she wanted to date a man at least two years before getting married. Maybe I’m a hopeless romantic, but I’m all about quick engagements and marriages if people know. Because when you know, you know.


Video and Photo Courtesy of Ellen.




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