Monday, June 9th, 2014

3 Be-Active Proposal Ideas

There’s nothing like being a couple that exercises and stays healthy together. From trail runs to romantic walks on the beach to weight training at the gym, you can’t go wrong if you make it a goal to stay active and healthy together.

If you’re nearing the time in your relationship that you’re reading to pop the question, and you want to make it special but perhaps not quite so obvious, arrange a time to do a different sort of exercise for your proposal. Here are some ideas!

1. Romantic Bike Ride. Whether you’re out in serious gear or going on a romantic ride, this would be a perfect opportunity to find a spot to stop and propose. Go early in the morning for a special sunrise or late in the evening for a sunset. Even better? Ride your bikes on the beach! Do some research of places that rent bikes if you don’t have your own and tell your sweetie you thought it’d be a fun change from your usual gym or trail scenes. When the moment is right, signal to pull over for a rest or to take in the view. The rest is up to you!

2. Run, run, run. If you train together for marathons or maybe have made it a goal to do something together, this is a perfect opportunity! From mud runs, color runs, to something like the Boston Marathon– you can do it! Go through the physical limits with each other and use that as your kicker for proposing. “I know that if we can train together, we can do anything.”

3. Do something crazy. Whether you want to go roller skating, climbing, or kayaking– do something that maybe you guys haven’t done before, or you do all the time together. Go somewhere new and make sure to mix it up for a day-out you will never forget. Who would forget roller skating in central park or climbing in a new spot? Not many. Do something new that you know you two will enjoy. When the moment is right, you’ll know what to do.


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Saturday, June 7th, 2014

Text-able & Tweet-able Proposal Ideas

WARNING: I am not condoning proposing through text or Twitter. Please read the whole post. If someone proposes to you through text or Twitter– please don’t respond. That’s my personal opinion.

These days, communicating through social media and text messages is pretty much the norm. In fact, I honestly very rarely call people other than those I’ve had phone conversations with since I was little. I used to be a big letter- writer, and so now that we can do that through the form of some kind of screen, well… I digress.

MY POINT is that a lot of people tend to get their words down better than they can say them. If you’re one of those people, and you and your sweet-heart have communicated a lot through texts or tweets, here are two proposal ideas for you.

1. Love Story through Texts. If you haven’t saved all of your texts from your sweetie, and maybe that’s impossible, then start once you decide you’re going to propose. You can even prompt sweet messages by sending some yourself! Save all of your favorites and put them into some kind of journal or scrap book. You don’t have to include doodles or pictures but it’s a good idea to enhance the meaning of the texts. End this wonderful book/journal with a prompt to check her phone. You can THEN text, while you are in her presence, a Will You Marry Me? text. PLEASE do not do this unless you are RIGHT there and can be cute about it. As she’s checking her phone, get down on one knee with the ring.

2. I Tweeted You. I know Twitter is a big thing with a lot of people. If your relationship has been documented through these lines, use it to your advantage. ReTweet some of your favorite exchanges between you and your love to get her attention. Then start sending her wonderfully sweet things that could HINT that you’re getting ready to propose. Have these lined up and scheduled as you are driving to her house, or waiting outside her door. Then send her one that says to “check outside” or “turn around” or something along those lines that lets her know you’re near. Then you have two choices: just get down on one knee, or tweet a prepared picture of the ring to her and THEN get down on one knee.

Fun fact: Kristen Bell proposed to Dax Shepard via Twitter after the DOMA ruling last year.


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Thursday, June 5th, 2014

Proposing on the Longest Day of the Year– June 21st Ideas

The great thing about summer is it offers some warm weather and time off to be with the people you love. So when the longest day of the year rolls around, what’s the best thing to do? Take advantage, of course! Be out from sun-up to sun-down; a day full of activities and time with each other. As the sun sets, well… here are some proposal ideas!

CAUTION: Make sure your girl knows that you have something special planned. If you want to surprise her as the sun begins to rise, make sure you have coffee and she has time to get ready (if she’s that type of girl). You have so many options here whether you’re taking her on a day-trip or on day-dates, so make sure you plan.

1. Memory Lane. Take a walk down memory lane. Go out for breakfast somewhere that’s meaningful for you, then stroll through a park where you shared a kiss, or take her to a movie or mini-golfing– things that you did when you were first dating, or even when you started out as friends. Plan things you know are going to jog her memory, but don’t necessarily call attention to it. As the sun is setting at the end of the day, end up somewhere new. Tell her this was the longest day of the year, but it was nothing compared to wanting to spend the rest of your life with her. And never forget, get down on one knee!

2. Day Trip. The first place my husband ever took me when we were dating was the beach. He came to my house super early (we were still in high school), picked me up, and we spent the day down by the water and sand. Since then, the beach always has special meaning to us. While I’m sure the beach can have special meaning period, it’s because it was the first “trip” we ever went on. Whisk your girl away to the first place you guys went that wasn’t “around town”. Spend the day enjoying old things and new. After all, you’ve never seen it all. Plan your proposal spot or seize a moment.

3. Challenge Accepted. Find something you guys have always wanted to do that could be done in one day. Visit every thrift store within a 20 mile radius? Have a movie marathon of a certain theme? Go bar hopping… all day? Anything that you guys have wanted to do but never thought possible, do it! After all, it’s the longest day of the year. You have the most sunlight– so take advantage! My two suggestions would be to actually use the sunlight and stay sober enough so you’re not a slobbering idiot when you choose to propose.


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Wednesday, June 4th, 2014

Surprise Storybook Proposal

Eugene asked Morgan to join him for a college/career fair where they would share their passions and careers with the students and share the importance of higher education. What Morgan didn’t know, is that Eugene was planning one heck of a surprise.

They went to four different classrooms that day, but in the final room something really took Morgan by surprise. Eugene told her they were going to have a book to read to the kids. She didn’t realize until around 1:18 of the video that the book was actually about them. Before that she’s like, “Oh, it’s just like us! Look!”

I love surprise proposals like this. Eugene took her completely by surprise and gave her not only a ring and a promise of eternity, but a book to always remember his proposal by. Talk about a romantic.


Monday, June 2nd, 2014

3 Star Gazing Proposal Ideas

Summer time is just about here. It’s June, people! What’s more romantic than having a midnight picnic under the stars with a proposal? I don’t think I can answer that. Here are three ideas for some star-gazing proposals!

1. Pack a Picnic and your telescope. Go out on one of the warmest nights of the summer to a remote spot, pack some snacks (including some coffee if needed!) and check out the stars. There is nothing that can make you feel more human and small than looking at the infinity of space. What a perfect opportunity to tell her that you want to spend your short amount of time on Earth with her as your wife.

2. Buy her a star. I’m sorry, but naming a star after your girlfriend is never cheesy. You could even name the star, “When she said yes” or something like that so she clues in to what is about to happen. I would only suggest doing this if she’s able to find the star on the map, though. I am not astronomically smart, but if your girl is into it then there’s no way you can go wrong with this idea! Noted: I don’t think it makes it any less romantic if you can’t actually find the star in the sky, because she’ll know it’s there.

3. Call out constellations. Finding constellations in the sky is always fun. If you don’t like to find ones that exist, or aren’t very savvy with the stars, you can always trace shapes and show each other what you found. Take an opportunity to tell her you see a ring, or a diamond, and get down on one knee.

You can’t expect a shooting star, but if you’re lucky enough to see one, take that as your sign that the moment is right. What’s better than a falling star to wish on for the perfect proposal? Tell her to make a wish, and while her eyes are closed get down on knee. She’ll know her wish came true.


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Sunday, June 1st, 2014

Canadian Drive-Thru Proposal

Jared wanted to plan a special proposal for Stefanie that would take her by surprise. Knowing your girlfriend’s routine is always helpful. Take a lesson from this guy!

Stefanie goes through a drive-thru almost every day before work to get coffee and sometimes a little something extra to eat. Jared in all of his planning was able to be at Tim Horton’s to not just propose to Stefanie, but to really surprise her.

He took her order and met her at the window with an engagement ring instead of her morning coffee. That will wake a girl up!

This is so creative. Not many people can say they went to just start their day at a drive-thru and ended up engaged. Her reaction is so cute, too. “What are you doing??” Thankfully she goes into the restaurant to get the ring, although climbing through her car window to get a drive-thru kiss was more than necessary.

Want to hear more about the planning? Watch this, too!



Thursday, May 29th, 2014

Propose with Chocolate

What better way to ask your sweetie to marry you than with chocolate? Personally, I can’t think of many. Here are two 3 tasty ideas.

1. Customized Chocolate. If you haven’t heard of Cocoagraph, you need to check it out. They have organic and nonorganic confections and the option to personalize it. You can pick from a number of different chocolates (milk, dark, white) and you can add things to it if desired (strawberries, coffee crumble, sea salt, and more). That’s just for the bars! If you go for the bonbons you can get peanut butter or peppermint creme filling. Come on, guys. There is no way she’d say no to a proposal like this.

2. Home-baked Goods. I wouldn’t necessarily suggest putting the ring in a brownie or cupcake, but nothing is going to make your proposal sweeter than some lovin’ from the oven. There’s no shame in baking from a boxed mix, and if you’re an adventurer (or good with a spatula), cooking from scratch is always impressive. This will mean even more if you’re not necessarily the one always ever sometimes doing the baking.

3. M&M’s. If you didn’t know, you can customize M&M’s for special occasions. If you use this for your proposal, you could easily carry this idea into your wedding.

Don’t want to just propose with chocolate? Take her out for dinner and then tell her you have a special dessert place in mind. Take her to where you met, or maybe where you had your first kiss, and give her the chocolate (nicely wrapped, of course). Voila. Beautiful, delicious proposal.





Photo Credit: A shot of me and my hubby from Instagram.

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

3 Ideas on Buttering Her Up for the Proposal

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” isn’t always true. With that being said, every girl loves gifts. It doesn’t matter if it’s a pair of new running shoes or a new sewing machine or camera equipment, every girl has something that she desires that maybe hasn’t gotten around to buying or is saving to get. So, how do you lead up to your proposal? Shower her with gifts, of course!

Ok, ok… I know what you’re thinking. I already bought her an engagement ring, for crying out loud!

You’re right. But if your girl’s love language is things to unwrap, there’s no harm in surprising her with a few more gifts before surprising her with the ultimate one– a diamond ring.

Here are three ideas.

1. Weekly Work Surprises. Whether she works in the office or at a local Starbucks, find a way to surprise your girl at work. Send her flowers one day, bring a balloon the next, or maybe surprise her with a lunch date! Whatever you want to spoil her with, doing it at the work place cannot hurt. After all, it may not be her favorite place to be at the moment, but a necessity. You make her work day extra special by surprising her with something! At the end of the week, surprise her by showing up in a suit with a ring. If you don’t want to propose at her work place, don’t sweat it. You can obviously propose somewhere else!

2. Send her mail. I don’t mean just order her flowers. Even if you’re not a long distance couple, sending her a package is a sweet thought that is bound to win you super kudos. If you’re planning on proposing down the road, you can make this a monthly ordeal. Each month, send her a package for the season, maybe something she has coming up, or just some baked goods! Make sure to always include a thoughtful note, handwritten if you can! Have the last package have just a note, or something simple, and perhaps hand deliver it yourself. When she opens it, kneel down on one knee and propose! PS– Only put the ring in there if you are hand delivering!

3. Be a “Hitch”. If you haven’t seen Will Smith as “Hitch” then you really need to. It is not an embellishment when he’s called “The Love Doctor.” Surprise your love with a messenger at work (who could just be a friend). Have the messenger call you and you ask your girlfriend what day she is free after giving her a few choices. Have your messenger then present her with a specific box with all she needs for the date, whether it’s a spa package and heels, or a baseball hat and cracker jacks. Then you can have her basically pick how her proposal is going to happen!

What do you think? Will these ideas make her swoon and yell, “Yes!” when you propose?


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Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

4 Getaway Proposal Ideas

There’s nothing more romantic than a getaway together, so what better way to propose? Here are four ideas on how to sweep her off her feet– almost literally!

1. The Bed and Breakfast. This destination doesn’t have to be far. It can even be in town! There’s something so romantic about staying somewhere else and still have the “home” feel. Go for a night or two, sleep in, and just enjoy each other’s company. When the moment is right, ask her to spend the rest of her life with you.

2. Fancy-Shmancy. Save up those pennies and plan a night out in your closest “big city”. Stay at the nicest hotel, eat out at the nicest restaurant, order room service in the morning– go all out. Make a night of it and see a show or go dancing, whatever it is that’s your style. Make it a night to remember with a ring on top of it all. She’ll certainly never forget it.

3. Sail Away. Ever been on a cruise? Personally, I haven’t, but it’s something my husband and I talk about doing all the time. Whether it’s somewhere tropical or an adventurous Alaskan destination is your choice. Plan the trip together or surprise her with it when she thinks you’re doing something else. Just make sure you check to see if she has a fear of open water or something. That would be a bust.

4. Dream Destination. Do you know what her #1 place to visit is? Like, the place she always dreams about going but isn’t sure she’ll ever make it? If you have the funds and/or the connections, make it happen for your proposal. Whisk her away like in a movie and make it the trip of her life. When she comes home, she’ll have so many memories to share with friends and family– and a shiny new engagement ring, to boot!


Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

Healthy Living Together

This month, our guest blogger Nikki Roberti shares her secrets on how to live healthy together without getting on each other’s nerve, from cooking tips to great advice on how to boost your self-esteem. For more of my healthy advice, recipes and married life shenanigans, check out Nikki Roberti’s blog Mrs Healthy Ever After.

Maintaining a healthy routine when living together can be tough. There is so many reasons to celebrate, so many moments rather spent together cuddling on the couch than at the gym. But you don’t have to give up on your health for the sake of your relationship. There is so many ways for you to stay healthy as a couple. And yes, you can even make it fun! Punishing yourself with terrifying diets is never the way. Why make yourself miserable? Healthy living is not just about weight, it’s about finding the right balance for you two without taking all the fun out of everyday life (and everyday meals).




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