Unique! Wooden Wedding Bands


wood-ring-6Happy Earth Week!

If you’re looking for an engagement ring that’s both environmentally friendly and has a touch of natural beauty, you might want to take a glance at wooden wedding bands. That’s right. Wedding bands made out of…well, wood. These rings are unique, stylish and brings out the inner “green” in everyone.

This week’s gallery consists of our favorite wooden rings. Check them out.

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  1. min says:

    which wood type do you use?

  2. Krystal Cook says:

    I love the man’s band above with the diamonds, metal, wood. My husband’s wedding band was just stolen out of our hotel room while we were on travel this evening – I’m looking for a new band for him since it’s unlikely that anything will be done to the person who stole his ring and it wasn’t insured.

    I love the ring shown here – but there’s no information on where to purchase it. If you have that information, please send it to me at your convenience.

    Many thanks!

    Krystal Cook

  3. juliette says:

    Hi Krystal,

    You can find similar designs at simplywoodrings.com



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