10 Proposal Ideas to Make Her Feel Like a Princess


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1 – Do it with Fireworks!

Take her to a fireworks display and propose while the sparks are flying. It will be a magical night to remember forever. See more fireworks proposal ideas >>

2 – Be Her Gold Medal

If she’s training for a race or endurance competition, meet her at the finish line down on one knee. She’ll be so proud of what she’s accomplished, and even happier to have a supportive guy to be with for the rest of her life. See more sporty proposal ideas >>

3 – Give Her the Royal Treatment

Send her for a spa day of pampering (always make sure her nails are done for her upcoming left hand photo shoot!), and have them say she won dinner-for-two because she’s the 1,000th customer. Be waiting at the restaurant with her family, friends and a ring. See more dinner out proposal ideas >>

4 – Sweep Her off Her Feet

Take her for a hot air balloon ride. Spell out your question on the ground in rose petals, and have it waiting for her as you slowly land. When you get close enough for her to see, ask her yourself. See more hot air balloon proposal ideas >>

5 – Make Your Day About Her

When your birthday comes around, close your eyes and wish something as you blow out the candles on your cake. Then turn to her with the ring and say: “Will you please make it come true?” See more birthday proposal ideas >>

6 – Bring it Back Full Circle

Take her to where you had your first date. Ask her to start the next chapter of your lives together at the place you began the first one. See more first date proposal ideas >>

7 – Cook Her Dinner

Nothing is more romantic as a home-cooked, candle-lit dinner in made by the one you love. Impress her with your thoughtfulness and culinary skills by making her a romantic dinner she’ll never forget. See more dinner proposal ideas >>

8 – Give her the world (or the moon)

Find a box shaped like a globe or the moon and propose that way: if you could, you’d give her the world (or the moon), but since you can’t, here’s the next best thing. Find your perfect engagement ring box >>

9 – Recreate her Fantasy

Has she always wanted to be a princess? Does she have a thing for Superman? Take her dream/fantasy and make it reality by incorporating those elements in the proposal. See some cute Disney proposal ideas >>

10 – Propose on Top of a Ferris Wheel

Carnivals are both super fun and romantic in the forever young sort of way. And let’s face it – most girls love the movie The Notebook, which has a famous scene where Noah asks Allie out on a Ferris wheel. Wait until you reach the top and pop the question. See more State Fair proposal ideas >>

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