How To Keep Your Ring Safe While Cleaning Your Hands


Diamonds are hard. Platinum is strong and durable. However, if you went for an alternative gemstone and a gold setting, you need to be cautious when aggressively washing your hands. Gold colors might fade away and some alternative gemstones are far from being as hard as diamonds, especially if they feature many inclusions.

There’s also the current issue of extreme hand hygiene practice to make sure you kill 100% of the Virus. It is hard when wearing rings to get a proper hand cleaning and not get soap residue or bacteria in all of your rings’  nooks and crannies.

I just read a blog post by Wendy Brandes where she advises not to wear any rings at home or even out during the “quarantine”. I am personally also doing that. But, I can understand how looking at your jewelry, and your ring finger in particular, can actually feel very comforting during these weird times.

Here are 2 ways to take out your rings before washing or wiping your hands, while keeping them safe and close.

Solution 1

Always have a Lion Latch ring tote handy on your key chain, in your bathroom and near the kitchen sink. These clever ring boxes come in many fun colors, I own a few, they keep your rings very secure, they are awesome and affordable. You can order them here.

Lion Latch


Solution 2

Keep your rings even close with a Ring Hero. These fabric wrist bands are ideal for the gym. They are made of a 2-way stretchy fabric which means that you can move them higher on your arm while washing your hands. They are available in neutral grey, black and blue here.


Stephanie Gottlieb just launched her own branded wristband in her signature rainbow colors. It is called the Arm Candy and available for purchase here.


Voilà! Don’t forget to wash these pretty hands of yours for 20 seconds.


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