Amazing Snow Pre-Wedding Photo Proposal


Vanessa & Kal

How They Met

Bit embarrassing but we met on MySpace back when it was popular! We share a huge love for music and some of our fondest memories are rocking out at gigs together.

cherry blossom proposal

The Proposal

My fiancé coordinated the proposal with the photographer very early on. A bit unusual but we were doing a pre-wedding shoot before he proposed. We had a tight timeline to work with since we wanted the spring blooms to be in our photos. They were only in bloom for a limited period and we didn’t want to miss them.

snow proposal

The photographer devised a plan to ask me to pose for a solo shot while Kal got the ring ready. The jeweler was in on it too. I designed the ring myself because I had a very specific idea of what I wanted, so that part wasn’t a surprise.

To get my guard down the jeweler suggested that we should pretend the ring wasn’t ready yet. She even took pictures of it half done to show me. I was so disappointed but I told myself not to let this spoil my enjoyment of the trip. We were flying to New Zealand after all!

sunset proposal

Kal asked me to be his wife after a helicopter ride up one of the mountains in Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park. The photographer told me to face away from Kal while he took a few shots. When he asked me to turn around again I was so confused when I saw Kal kneeling in the snow. One of the first things I said to him was, “You tricked me!” I was so shocked that the photographer’s wife who was with us helping to take behind-the-scenes shots had to remind me that I hadn’t said “Yes!” yet!

The Engagement Ring

engagement ring vanessa kal

My ring is white gold with a marquise center stone and a rose gold pavè halo. It has 4 smaller marquise diamonds cradling the center stone. It’s made by Fairy’s INC. Instagram: fairysinc

Photo Credit: kittycarnage

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