What’s Your Engagement Ring Style? Take the Quiz!


your engagement ring style

Not sure what’s your engagement ring style? Tell us more about your lifestyle and tastes and find out what rings are made for you.

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  1. This was really fun for me to do found out somethings about myself

  2. Courteney Schmidt says:

    I would like to see my type of ring

  3. Betty Lazcon says:


  4. Debie says:

    Did not give me results

  5. Jaime says:

    What is my type of engagement ring?

  6. Rosemary says:

    Pretty rings

  7. mary kildall says:

    Sadly the questions did not include my job …this is only geared for office or sale work…..what in construction women don’t like rings ? Not all women work in offices ….just another stereotype quiz

  8. admin says:

    Hey Mary, these are just fun quizzes and the questions are just to help us narrow down your lifestyle which is not only work. However we have lots of followers who use their hands for work such as nurses, doctors, artists and constructions workers. The best engagement rings if you are using gloves and your hands are those with bezel settings. They are low set so nothing get caught ad the diamond/gemstone is very secure.

  9. admin says:

    try again

  10. romy says:


  11. Brown27 says:

    I would like to see my type of ring.

  12. Christine says:

    This was 100% accurate about my taste. Good help.

  13. Crystalina says:

    I got glamour girl; love diamonds and classic platinum settings, cushion cut or pear shaped.

    Not. Even. Close.

    The ring I’d like would be a simpler titanium or black setting. Titanium would have a black stone with ruby site stones; a black setting would be a little more elaborately carved(preferably into a dragon) with purple stones.

    Try again.

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