How Many Carats is this Emerald Cut Diamond?
There were lots of rumors around the carat weight of her stunning new emerald cut engagement ring which made all of us take guesses on the size. Page Six sources confirmed that it is a 16 carats cent
Quiz: Find the diamond shape that best fits your personality
Which shape best suits your personality? Are you Traditional? Timeless? Romantic? Or Modern? Find out by taking our personality quiz!
10 New & Cool Engagement Ring Trends
10 new engagement ring trends spotted during Vegas Jewelry Week. Consider them when shopping for your engagement ring!
Birthstone Engagement Rings
I love that they were able to show me engagement rings preset and ready to ship with all relevant birthstones.That's truly unique.
The White Rose Collection by Mark Patterson
The whitest and most noble metal - platinum - fused with the warmth of 18k rose gold. Different, but together as one.
Getting Along With the Hex
You can find step cut hex diamonds as well as rose cut hexys in an array of color. Since it is not an easily found shape, if you are having a hard time finding your dream hex diamond, consider an hexa
Something Old, Something New
Vegas jewelry week is coming up, I can't wait to see the new Sholdt 1935 collection live. It is an homage to the old days of this fourth generation company and absolutely spectacular.