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April 19 to May 20

Taurus are down to earth people with a lot of drive. Though they value their independence, they are very loyal. If your girlfriend or yourself are a Taurus, sapphire is her/your birthstone. If you love dark blue, start looking at rings with sapphire accents or even a sapphire center stone. However, if you are not fond of dark blue, keep in mind sapphires come in many colors including powder blue, pink or padparadscha – a complex peach color.

Whether you end up picking a color gemstone or  a traditional white diamond, the setting is also an important part of a  ring that can fit a Taurus personality.  Practical and wise, a Taurus needs a ring that is both a good investment, easy to live with and timeless in style.  A prong setting with a sleek platinum band and beautiful center stone would be a great choice.

Not a Taurus?

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Here are a few engagement ring options we think would be great for a Taurus gal.

Coast Diamond engagement ring 3

This deep blue sapphire platinum engagement ring by Coast is stunning. It is enhanced by two gorgeous diamond half moons.

taurus engagement ring 2

For a vintage inspired look with gorgeous sapphire baguettes, consider this princess setting by Kirk Kara.

taurus engagement ring 3

Sleek and comfortable, this modern engagement ring by Mark Patterson is a great pick for the Taurus girl with an active lifestyle.

sholdt gavin

Sleek and practical, this half bezel ring by Sholdt is a must have if you work with your hands.

noam-carver-bezel- (2)

Bezel settings are the most practical for every day wear and tear. They are low set and protect well the center stone. This Noam Carver rose gold engagement ring is pretty and no fuss to wear,

chris ploof

Another great example of a bezel setting by Chris Ploof. It’s a beautiful 3-stone ring set in a mix of metals mixed through an ancient Japanese process called Mokume Gane.

 Astrology birthstones are not official birthstones. To check out if birthstone engagement ring click here.

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Comments (19)


  1. Patti says:

    Emerald is May

  2. admin says:

    there are birthstones for each day, each month and each sign.

  3. Jamie says:

    I am a Taurus. April 29th and April is a diamond stone. Emerald is may. The blue sapphire is for September because that’s my daughters birth month.

  4. admin says:

    You don’t have to pick your birthstone. Your astrological sign is full of complexity and the best ring might not be one with the typical birthstone.

  5. Candice says:

    For as long as I can remember…. Each month is designated a specific color of birthstone and depending on our dates determines our sign. We have our own specific flower! Those do not/have not changed​! So not for one minute is April Taurus a pink, saphire, peach etc stone. It is and always has been a clear stone such as diamond. To many people trying to change things and fit their personal ideas. Just stick to the basics peeps!?

  6. admin says:

    Hi Candice,
    First and foremost, this is just a fun article made after consulting an astrologist but it is a spiritual approach not scientific. The standard birthstone calendar is different from the astrology birthstone and crystals calendar. Each sign can have up to 6 possible birthstones depending on the influence of other planets and which qualities the person is showing the most in connection to his or her sign. We pick one or a few but you can always change the center stones to something that is more you.


  7. Brandy Byrd says:

    The birthstone is emerald, not sapphire

  8. admin says:

    Each sign has many astrological birthstones. The organization who markets color gemstones picks one but that’s not what astrologers agree on.

  9. Candice says:

    I wasn’t trying to offend the admin with my statement. If anything…. My statement was as strong indication of how us bulls will not be wavered by new ideas. Just like my horoscope reads, I like consistency. I like a routine and keep it basic and loyal. So Admin… Sorry if I offended you to be so defensive. Have a good day!

  10. admin says:

    No-one is offended. Just a misconception that there is just one birthstone per sign. Like diamond marketing organization, gemstones marketing organizations have decided that some months should only be one birthstone. Astrologers disagree. Which is great because sometimes the “official” birthstones doesn’t work as the center stone for an engagement ring and can be too fragile.

  11. Elizabth says:

    Emerald is the MONTH birthstone, this is one of the Taurus birthstones, which covers part of April and May; and is also not the only one but the primary one if I’m not mistaken..

  12. admin says:

    They are several astrological stones for each sign. For marketing reasons, the jewelry industry narrows the choice down to 1 or 2 for some months. But it’s not what the stars say…

  13. BlueAnn says:

    I was always told diamond was Taurus’s birthstone..what changed?? If it’s supposedly the new astrological signs then it’s not right

  14. admin says:

    In astrology birthstones are different than the commercial known birthstones. You have several for each sign.

  15. Krystal.Stevens says:

    Very true and I agree with half of these people. As far as I’m aware and have been, April babies are diamond and always has been. My mother use to order jewelry an once had a ring with five birthstones for each child and she had five children born in different months besides Me and my sister in April and April is definitely diamond. Like iv always been told and seen that sweet pea is the April flower but I’m not as curtain on that as I am the stone. So with that being said I belive and trust April is definitely diamond.

  16. admin says:

    As we have explained in the past, there’s a big difference between commercial birthstones and astrology birthstones. Each sign is entitled to several birthstones that are not necessarily connected to the jewelry industry birthstone. This feature is based on astrology.

  17. Amanda says:

    That says a lot I do love the emeralds for May but I’m always been drawn to the blue sapphires when I look for rings my engagement ring now is a big blue sapphire in the middle surrounded by smaller white sapphires set and a white gold band

  18. Mary says:

    I’m a May Taurus, so that makes my traditional stone an emerald. However, when looking at the samples given, I love the rings with the sapphire? and even the rose gold. Thank you for providing a fun astrological twist on the “norm”.

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