4 Alternative Platinum Engagement Ring Trends


Learning that a growing number of women are turning to alternative engagement ring styles, I have found that many are involved in the design process and turn to indie designers and private jewelers. As last year’s came to an end, I wanted to see what type of platinum rings these women chose, as well as learn a little bit more about what customers should expect when purchasing alternative engagement rings.  I share 4 new unconventional trends and interviewed  3 unique designers and 1 jewelry concierge on the Platinum Jewelry website.

Read more here. (Slide through their slide show for each tree and interview)

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1. Wedding Suites with Maggi Simpkins


2. Colored Gemstones with Best Kept Jewelry


3. Alternative Center Stones with Catherine Angiel


4. Hers and Hers Engagement Rings with Automic Gold


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