Gumuchian, Jewelry Tradition From Generation to Generation


Gumuchian’s jewelry collection is deeply inspired by ancient traditions. We asked the Gumuchian trio,  Anita Gumuchian and her daughters Myriam and Patricia a few question about their Armenian heritage.

Some of the best jewelry designers in America are Armenians or from Armenian descent. Why are Armenians so talented at making jewelry? 

Certain trades get passed on from generation to generation. Jewelry making is a skill that takes a lot of patience and practice. A lot of men teach their sons how to work the metals and set the stones. This has been done for centuries. In our workshop, we employ a father and the son he passed his skill set onto. While we don’t know why it is exactly that so many Armenians are in this trade, one thing is certain, Armenians love jewelry and are passionate about creating it.

Are there elements of your designs still inspired by your heritage/background?

Traditional Armenian gold jewelry was a labour-intensive artisanal work of art. Some of our pieces still use the same techniques of working the gold, such as our hand-hammered finish for example. The designs are also influenced by our background. For instance, the harem ring from the Nutmeg collection and the Ring Cycle, the ring that turns into a bracelet, are all inspired by jewelry we’ve seen in our youth.

Can you pick a ring in your collection that is more of an homage to your heritage/background?

The nutmeg harem ring. Although harem rings have middle-eastern roots –traditionally, it was given by the Sultan to his favorite in his harem– it’s a concept that was adapted by Armenian jewelers as well. We love the wearability and comfort of those rings.

Have you been to Armenia recently? Which tourism sites/activities would you recommend for our couples who are romantic and interested in unique destinations.

Depending on what couples are into, there are many lovely places for couples in Armenia. In the summer, Lake Sevan is a great and relaxing place to go. If you like to be a bit more adventurous there are plenty of mountain hiking trails. Of course, Yerevan itself is becoming nicer and nicer, with boutique hotels and restaurant making the whole experience luxurious and unique.

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