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Romantic Apple Picking Engagement Session

Magda & Simon How They Met We met at the Philly Gay Pride Parade in 2012. My ...


It’s All in the Engagement Ring Setting

When picking your engagement ring, don't forget to take a close look at the sett ...


Dreamy Alternative Yellow Gold Engagement Rings by Erica Courtney

These yellow gold beauties by Erica Courtney make great alternative engagement r ...


How Much to Spend on the Engagement Ring?

The total amount of engagement ring spending will be a little over $6 billion by ...


Fun Fall Paint Fight Engagement Session

Conrad was able to come out hunting with me early in the morning before he had t ...

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Embrace Color for Your Engagement Ring

Looking to add a touch of color to your engagement ring? In this week’s episode of the Engagement 101 Minute, Michael O’Connor asks Jill Suddendorf from Romance Bridal about the elegant color accents of their latest collection.

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11 Popular Engagement Ring Settings

Even with the Internet as a resource, it’s not unusual for couples—or guys alone—to walk into a jewelry store with no clue about what they want. Ask to see these popular setting styles:

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A Magical Forest Fall Proposal

Cory and I met in high school. Cory was a senior and I was a freshman. Cory asked me out on a date and of course my dad wouldn’t let me go. After weeks of begging my dad, he agreed only if my best friend Elise was to go with us. We ended up dating for 3 years (Cory became the son my dad never had). After dating for three years we both were in different places in our lives so we decided to break up and go our separate ways. Eight years later we went out on a lunch date and got engaged 5 months later.

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Fashion meets Bridal in the XO Forever Collection by Jack Kelége

XO Forever, Jack Kelège latest collection, features modern pieces with antique inspired details. With a choice of white, yellow or rose gold and trendy two-tone designs, the collection includes beautiful bands, a perfect choice for an alternative wedding band or to celebrate an anniversary. Earrings and bangles are also available. (Retails $5,950 – $25,000).

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A Colorful Truck Park Engagement Session

We met through a “Singles Gathering” at our church in Atlanta. During this specific event that was being held at a local food truck park, our friends introduced us. We hit it off immediately and started going on dates.

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A Platinum Engagement Ring that Clicks

Getting your engagement ring to fit perfectly can be tricky at times. Depending on the weather or your activity of the day, your ring might get too tight or too loose. Here’s an idea: these platinum Cliq engagement rings features a little clip on the side, providing a perfect fit for your engagement at all time.

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Unique Platinum, Meteorite Iron and Gun Metal Wedding Bands and Engagement Rings

Looking for a unique engagement ring or wedding band? In this week’s episode of the Engagement 101 minute, Michael O’Connor asks Noam Carver about his amazing platinum engagement ring designs where edgy and classic collide. For unique wedding bands, we asked Chris Ploof about his stunning collection made out of billion years old meteorite and even damascus steel from antique shot guns! Watch the episode to learn more.

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Engagement Rings for Active and Girly Girls

For the active girl,clean engagement rings are a great choice. However, just because you like the outdoors doesn’t mean you [...]

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The Perfect Intimate Proposal on their 5th Anniversary

German and I both used to work at Target. I’ve noticed German on multiple occasions. He was always making people laugh. He was loud and hilarious and me being more shy and quiet, I never had the courage to talk to him. One day I caught him staring at me and he immediately came up and said “Hello Brianne!”.

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Unique Alternative Engagement Rings by Just Jules

Julie Romanenko, designer of the Just Jules collection, looks for unique gemstones around which she creates beautiful jewelry with a truly organic feel. She uses recycled gold for all of her pieces. ” As I was always shopping antique shows for my Incarnations vintage locket collection, I started collecting vintage elements that I could re-use to create bridal rings. I pride myself on making rings that always have textured shanks.

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How do You Make the Most of Living Together Before (or Instead of) Getting Married?

Younger couples are more inclined to set a move-in date before one that involves walking down the aisle. There can be many reasons for making this decision, but is it a good idea? Emily Dunn shared her experience with us and asked relationship expert Gabrielle Anna for some useful tips.

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Engagement Ring Designs Inspired by Love and Heritage

Benjamin Javaheri from Uneek tells Michael O’Connor about his own proposal, and Kirk and Angela from Kirk Kara explain how their new collection is inspired by their armenian heritage.

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Create Your Dream Engagement Ring with Diamond Ideals

With Diamond Ideals, you can create your dream engagement ring! There are two ways for you to do so. In person, you can walk into their New York studio where you can meet the designer and brainstorm on design ideas. They also offer online a great tool to help you design the ring yourself.

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Back to School Engagement Session

Derek and I met in high school through mutual friends and the love of sports. I was a high school cheerleader, and Derek played in multiple sports at Woodcreek High School, in Roseville, CA. We immediately hit it off and quickly became known as “best friends”. It was the kind of friendship that everyone says will eventually turn into love.

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Big Engagement Ring Trend: Two Tone Rings

In this week’s episode of the Engagement 101 Minute, Michael O’Connor asks Vanna K from Vanna K and Lindsay Hirsch from Parade Designs about one of the hottest trend: two tone engagement rings.

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