Three Ways to Find out Your Ring Size


I recently wanted to gift a ring to a friend and though she is in her mid-twenties, she had no idea what her size was. Ladies, it’s important to know your ring size, especially of you are in a committed relationship!

1 – If like many women, your fingers change size with the weather and depending on the time of the month, invest in one of these cheap Amazon kits here. They are awesome. They will allow you to study what size you can maintain. You can also print out cut-outs of ring finger sizes online but it’s not as reliable and you want to be sure.




2.  If you own a ring that you wear on your ring finger, just bring it to get measured at a jewelry store. If you don’t, try on some rings at the store to find out. It’s a great way to window shop and start a wish list.

3.  There are other Sherlock Holmes ways to find out if you are the one proposing, check out this video.

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