A Bigger Rock on the Same Budget


We know it’s not all about size, but some of us really like big rocks! But not to worry, there is a way to get a bigger looking rock for a similar price. Different diamond cuts gives you different coverages, meaning some diamonds will appear bigger than others, for the same amount of carats, if cut differently. Maiden Lane created a very special cushion cut diamond, the Aspiri. Their diamonds face size are about 125% to 150% bigger than similarly weighted traditionally cut diamond center stones!

Because this diamond cut can’t be mass produced, every Aspiri diamond is uniquely shaped and a special setting is created to fit every center stone. Retail price starts at $2,500 including the center stone! The Maiden Lane collection also includes matching earrings and pendants, making it very easy to find the perfect anniversary gift.

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  1. S. says:

    Love this ring! Def going to share with my bf, and it will fit the budget!

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