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Editorial-Images-Fall-2010-Online-Erica-Courtney-Plarinum-and-diamond-Cate-ring--Jessica-view-by-Erica-CourtneyEmotions of passion emerge at the moment a couple becomes engaged. Now, that emotion, in part, can be captured with the written word on an engagement ring or wedding band.

If your love has made you utterly speechless, the following fine jewelry designers allow you to express your feelings on your engagement rings, wedding bands, or wedding day jewelry. Are you shy about writing a message? These jewelry designers can even write a message for you.

Laurel Elliot designs jewelry “decoratively inscribed with short poems or sentiments of love and friendship” for DVB. DVB is reminiscent of the romanticism in the late 18th century in Europe. Back then, your lover would write you a long letter professing his love or her love for you. Today, you can e-mail or tweet your message. However, providing your future fiancé with beautiful jewelry with words like “I love thee and dare not show it, if thout love me then let me know it, Thy virtue move my heart to love” or matching wedding bands engraved with the words “with this ring I thee wed” is much better.

Taköhl Treasure rings lets your lover keep your passionate words engraved in an engagement ring or wedding band, private. Only by opening the ring can the words be shared with friends or family. To make your ring is even more special, you can create your own Taköhl Treasure rings on their website. Your fiancé will be overwhelmed with joy once they realize that you spent so much time designing and engraving their ring.

Erica Courtney’s gorgeous engagement rings and wedding bands are one-of-a-kind jewels that celebrities crave. Personalize your wedding band or engagement ring with a lovely message that will be wrapped around your lover’s finger for as long as the stars remain in the sky and in Hollywood.

Mauri Pioppo’s jewelry was inspired by the love she has for her family. Your initials can always lay close to your lover’s heart with a Love Letter necklace made out of pure gold. These dainty charms have one letter engraved in to a tiny circular gold disc with a diamond that represents “clarity and is a mirror to your hearts truth, a blessing over each being.” The Love Braille Pendant features the word “love” that you can see on one side; and you can feel the word “love” in Braille on the opposite side.

Heather Moore designed her and her husband’s wedding rings with two engraved tags attached that listed the couple’s names. Heather then began making wedding rings and bridal jewelry that you too can personalize. You can write, “I Love You” or whatever message you want to convey to your future fiancé. Your words will be forever worth their weight in gold and more precious than diamonds that are also available to accent the jewelry.

-Stephanie Taylor

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