Amethyst Engagement Rings


february amethyst intro square

february hardness gemstone amethyst

Leonardo da Vinci wrote that amethyst has the power to protect against evil thoughts and to sharpen the intelligence. Buddhists believe that amethyst enhances the peace and tranquility of meditation, making it the preferred choice for Tibetan rosaries even today.

February Krikawa Amethyst

Krikawa is a designer brand that has an extensive online catalog of colored gemstones engagement rings. Check out the gorgeous cushion amethyst center on the above ring and the Mokume Gane pattern on the shank. The accent stones are purple diamonds.


This is a restyling project  by Gem Steady . The purple amethyst and diamond engagement ring was passed down from the husband’s grandmother, proof that amethysts withstand the test of time! Gemsteady created a pair of diamond jackets that truly enhance the beauty of this family heirloom.


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