Dating in Europe vs. Dating in America


American men aren’t exactly known for their romantic abilities. In a time of Tinder-ing and sexual liberation, American women are more comfortable splitting things down the middle and holding an equal partnership in relationships – but that doesn’t mean they want all of the chivalry to actually be dead. Enter the European man.

Though many mentalities of French and Italian men can be a bit backdated (consider yourself warned), there are certain qualities they uphold that can be seductive to an American woman that’s used to dates at Applebee’s and $1 drafts at the local bar. Figure out which type of man is better for you with the comparisons below:


American: Typically, men in the states will dress more how you imagine guys to dress: jeans and button-ups, comfortable shoes and modest colors.

European: You might be surprised by the style of Europeans – they dress in nicer, more expensive clothes and aren’t afraid of a little flair. You might not find it quite as manly as Americans.


American: While American men might put pressure on to have sex after a few dates, they are more into having sex early just to do it, not for the act of love-making. While some men –of course- are unfaithful, once in a commitment relationship, generally speaking, Americans value monogamy. Even so – Americans may marry more often, but they also divorce more, too.

Europeans: Affairs are much more widely accepted (and not talked about!) in Europe. It’s common practice for men – and sometimes even women – to take a lover, even when they’ve been married for years. Europeans also have more passionate, vibrant dating periods – full of romance, flowers and intense love making right from the beginning.


Americans: You’ll find a lot of guys who were in fraternities in college and ones who racked up a lot of debt at law school or med school. A small percentage come from Ivy League schools and speak multiple languages.

Europeans: From a young age, most Europeans are taught multiple languages – which is how you’re most likely able to communicate with your European lover. A college education – which FYI, they call ‘University’ instead – is often covered, at no cost, for young adults.


Americans: Your date might be obsessed with football, baseball, hockey and basketball. He might even be able to spit out stats that you (probably) don’t care about.

Europeans: If you want to impress your could-be guy, brush up on your soccer and tennis knowledge.


Americans: On first dates, American men might shy away from discussions like politics, religion or other potential debates or differences.

Europeans: Be ready to go guns blazing into your date and have a long, intelligent conversation about your beliefs. Europeans aren’t as sensitive or shy about hot button topics.


Americans: Everything is fast, fast, fast – and now, now, now! Your date might only last an hour, but in that time, you’ll get through several glasses of wine and a full dinner.

Europeans: Don’t plan anything after your date – Europeans move at a much slower pace. And for good reason – they really take time to savor, get to know you and drink good wine. And you know, digest food!

By Lindsay Tigar

Photo Credit: Flickr

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