Visiting Family Over the Holidays With Your Man? Do’s and Don’ts


It’s an exciting and magical time of the year. Your man’s arms feels a little warmer, you spend more time cuddling under the covers and you feel like you’re taking your relationship to the next level. Regardless if he’s asked you to come see his family over Christmas or vice versa, bringing in your kin to the mix is exciting – but stressful. Here’s how to survive and thrive in the holiday season:

Do Bring Gifts – But Not Too Much

It’s a nice gesture to bring something personal and sweet for your possible future in-laws, or for your man to bring something to your parents. However – you don’t want to spend too much money or get too personal if you don’t know them very well. Think of practical gifts that send the message that you’re smart, responsible and also sweet. The most important part though? A card! Not from the both of you, but just from you – with a kind note complimenting their son and all that he’s brought to your life.

Don’t Force Yourself Into Traditions

You’re probably excited to help his mom bake his favorite sugar cookies and go with the guys to chop down the Christmas tree – but wait for the invitation. Hopefully your boyfriend will make sure that you’re included in plans, but some things may be too personal (and too rich with sentimental value) to share with you right away. Don’t take it personal and don’t be afraid to keep certain things between just you and your family. When the time is right, it’ll feel right.

Do Dress For the Occasion

Even if his family is letting you stay in the same bedroom before marriage, don’t walk around in a nighty or sleep in one. Be respectful of the house rules and make sure you’re put together before coming down for breakfast or holiday dinner. While you don’t need to be dressed to the nines, you want to show that you value their home and their graciousness of inviting you over.

Don’t Sit in the Corner

The most important thing his folks want to know is why their son is so in love with you. They can never know that if you don’t get to know them! Participate in conversations, offer to help with the dishes, wrap Christmas presents and don’t stay glued to his side the whole time. There are so many reasons why your boyfriend loves you, so give his parents just as many reasons, too.

By Aurora Brown


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  1. Jennifer says:

    This was my first holiday with his family. It was awesome!! They made me feel like family!!

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