Opposite Attract: You Love Cookies, He Loves Crunches


Your muscle man might love your endless curves and how you devour a cupcake, but a difference in a healthy eating lifestyle can lead to health questions later on. If you’re a runner and he’s more of a occasional basketball player down at the recreation park, you might find yourself noticing his love handles instead of falling more in love with him. Lifestyle is one of the most important pieces of the relationship puzzle that keeps your union strong and invigorating, so it’s important to accept each other for who you are – soon into the courtship.

Here’s how to make sure your relationship can sustain the test of different lifestyles:

1 – First off, health is important

Men might not admit this – but when they look at someone who they could spend the rest of their life with, they think about health. Will this woman keep up her figure and care about her quality of life down the road? Will she be able to have children? Will she be able to help me take care of those kids? Women think about these things too (of course), but tend to be a little more forgiving about a cheeseburger or a few pounds. If you tend to fall more on the couch potato spectrum, try to think about how your super-active boyfriend can help whip you into shape. It’s not just for the relationship, but it’s more for your everlasting health!

2 – Indulge one another

If he likes to run every night after work and you like to cook, remind each other of why you love that about them: “It’s such a turn on when you come in sweaty after your three miler” or “When I come back from my run, it’s so great to enjoy a meal with you.” By showing each other that you accept and value how you’re different, you ease relationship stress  and make each other feel like you matter.

3 – Make some goals

You’re all about your veggies and he turns his nose to anything green, but you can change. It just takes practice! At the start of every month, set a goal for your guy and have him do the same for you. It can be as simple as “I’ll try a kale smoothie” or “I’ll try to go for a short yoga class”, but enough to push each other out of the box a little. This way you introduce things to the other person that you really like and it brings you closer.

By Aurora Brown

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