He Says/She Says: Living Everyday Together


Moving in with your boyfriend is not only a huge step in your relationship, but it changes the dynamic of your day-to-day conversations, actions and sex life. It’s an exciting and sometimes confusing phase in your love affair – you don’t get butterflies as much as you used to, but you couldn’t imagine sleeping next to anyone else every night. While it can be difficult to test your relationship with cohabitation before you move in together, it can also give you a healthy dose of reality about what married life is really like. See what men and women have to say about day to day actions.


“I love how homey she makes everything feel. Our apartment is so fully of warmth, smells much cleaner than my college places and she has a way of making everything  feel good.”

“It’s so great to have someone who likes to cook! I don’t always like that she reminds me to pick up things, but I do like when the apartment is clean.”

“No matter how bad my day is, it’s so nice to come home to my girl. She can really make everything better.”


“I miss having time to really lounge on the couch and watch football all day long. Now, she always wants to do something else and I feel bad making her sit through hours of it.”

“I love her but if she tells me to pick up my socks or make the bed one more time, I’m going to scream!”

“I wish we went on more dates. Now, we seem to do a lot of grocery shopping and tidying around the house, but not a lot of flirting.”


“I no longer have to worry about changing lightbulbs or taking out the trash or fixing things. I used to do it all myself and now I have some help!”

“I feel really safe whenever he’s around and he brings a strong presence to the home. He thinks of things that I don’t think of and I like how we work so well as a team.”

“Cuddling! It’s so nice to have cuddling on demand.”


“He’s a great boyfriend and probably my husband one day, but he’s so stinky! How do guys sweat that much and smell that bad?”

“He has some great qualities but taking care of himself and the apartment isn’t one of them. I’m glad he can manage the bills, but I manage the cleaning, and it gets old.”

“I miss the mystery and romance. I see him without his shirt on and with his big potbelly and it’s not that sexy.”


There will always be things that you disagree on, especially when you spend so much time together. But being gentle and having open communication will help you survive and yes, thrive in the long-term.

By Aurora Brown

Image via Flickr

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