He Says/She Says: Body Image


It’s okay to admit it – you’ve gained the happy five pounds. It happens to even the fittest of us, don’t worry. You get in a relationship and you’re so ridiculously excited that you indulge in everything your guy eats – forgetting that your bodies are very different. And then suddenly, you start to feel a little less vixen and more like you need one less fixin’ of mac-n-cheese. We all have body image issues and they often roll up into our relationships. You’re not alone, guys have tons of insecurities too and believe it or not, they never notice the things you think they do. Read what men and women have to say about how they and their partners look:



“Oh god. I’m so terrified of losing my hair and I’m not even old enough to think about it yet.”

“It’s really hard to keep my belly in shape these days. In high school and in college, I had a six pack and now I have nothing.”

“I’m a guy, so I can’t really wear makeup to cover up my acne and it really bothers me.”


“She’s always asking if she looks like she’s gained five pounds and I always think she’s just perfect. Even if she did gain it, I wouldn’t notice it.”

“She wants a smaller waist but I really love those curves.”

“I honestly do think she looks beautiful when she wakes up, but she always rushes to put on makeup or wash her face.”



“I don’t lose weight as easily as I used to and I wish I could. I hope he doesn’t care that I’ve put on a few pounds in our relationship.”

“My skin! God, does he really want to wake up to someone with acne all over her face? Or scars? I’m so afraid he’ll find someone prettier.”

“My teeth. I know guys like girls with perfect smiles and I don’t think mine measures up.”


“I love how much bigger he is than me. Even if he’s not rock-solid, he’s still hunky to me!”

“We’ve been together so long, I feel like we just fit together. Sure, he’s getting older, but I still see him just how he used to be.”

“I love that he’s imperfect, makes me feel better about my imperfections!”

By Aurora Brown

Image via Flickr

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