Why You Should Tell Little White Lies to Your Man


Honesty is almost always the best policy in relationships – except when it’s not. Here’s the thing: your guy tells you you’re beautiful (you are), that you’re the best thing that happened to him (duh) and that he loves being around you (of course). But sometimes when you just woke up and you’re sniffly and snotty, you’re not the most attractive thing. Or when you’re super cranky, you might still be the best thing in his life, but he could stand a little space. And though you’re his favorite person, he needs guy time too. That’s why little white lies in relationships aren’t deal breakers, but more so, relationship savers.

We talked to some happily married men to find the white lies that your guy probably tells you (and that’s okay):


“No, of course that girl isn’t prettier than you. You’re the most gorgeous.”

“I don’t think you’ve gained five pounds since the wedding at all!”

“I really do love your mother, she gives great advice”

“Nah, its okay. I don’t mind watching Dancing with the Stars instead of the game. Whatever makes you happy.”

 “I love hearing you sing in the shower.”

 “Your sugar cookies are way better than my mom’s!”

“I don’t ever think about my ex-girlfriends.”

“Nah, porn? Not for me!”

“I don’t think $300 is too much for shoes at all. It’s a bargain.”

“Sure, I’ll go shopping with you. I want to try on some shirts, too.”

“It’s okay, as long as I order the French fries, it doesn’t count as calories for you if you eat half of them.”

by Aurora Brown

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