How to Tell If He’s Taking You For Granted


All relationships go through natural highs and lows. There are times when you may love him more and then he might be a bigger fan of you than you are of him. Like anything that’s worth anything, being able to get through the good times and the not-so-good ones help you build character as a couple and encourage better communication skills.

However, there’s a very fine line between going through a tougher time and your boyfriend taking you for granted. Before you let him get away with crimes of love and disrespect, look out for these red flags that he’s taking you for granted.

You’re Always the One Making Contact First

Sure, he’s busy. It’s a busy month at work. He’s under a lot of pressure and stress at work. There are millions of excuses to why your guy has trouble making plans with you, but if he can fit in the Sunday night football game, he can fit in a Sunday morning breakfast in bed with you. If you feel like you’re doing all of the work and reaching for him more than he’s reaching to you – address the problem and set a time frame for how long you can put up with it.

He Expects You to Do Things… Without Asking You

You’re always picking up after him around the house. You walk the dog he insisted on getting. You pick up his dry cleaning. You get his brakes checked. While you’ve never minded being a care-taker, you’re getting sick of always being the one who never gets pampered or helped. Take a step back from doing all the heavy-lifting and see how he responds.

He Forgets the Little Things

Like saying “I love you.” Or remembering that you like your orange juice with pulp. Or that when you’re having a difficult day, you like your shoulders rubbed. If he doesn’t make small gestures to express his affection, he’s not taking enough time to make you feel like you matter. Give him a chance to correct his mistakes and see if he starts remembering everything that matters to you.

By Aurora Brown

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