4 Tips to Work Your Dog Into Your Relationship


When you adopted your favorite little fur ball, you didn’t even know his name. It was at a time when you maybe were exceptionally lonely or just really had the urge to take care of something. Or maybe you got tired waiting around for the right guy to come along so you could finally adopt the dog you’ve always wanted.

But now, after settling into a lovely little life with your tiny (or very big!) companion, a special man that you hope to share your life with, will now take on the role of pet parent, too. It’s a lot of responsibility and requires some flexibility, but having a pet doesn’t stop the sparks from flying. Here’s how to make your relationship work — with a dog in tow.


Introduce Them Soon

Don’t wait too long into your relationship to make sure Fido and Mr. Right meet one another. The more time they spend together, the more used to one another they will become. Your pup may be protective of you and your guy has to be approved before the dog will be comfortable having him around.

Let Him Walk Your Dog… Without You!

It may seem scary to let your precious pup out of your sight, but who better to be in charge than your man? Your dog needs to develop trust and ownership over your guy and a good way to do it is to do something your dog loves to do.

Keep Things Normal

Don’t move your dogs treats or his toys to a place he’s not used to just to make room for your guy. Keeping a routine is really important for pets and it makes them feel at ease, so don’t switch up everything because a man has walked into your life. Make sure your dog still have what it needs to remain stable and happy.

Don’t Freak Out

If you’re out with your guy for an extra drink and the pup is by himself for an extra hour — the world won’t stop spinning. It’s important to live your life for yourself and not for your animal. After all, they’re your companion, not the other way around. If you freak out about your dog, it may be a bit of a turn off for you man. 

By Aurora Brown

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