The 5 Steps to Having a Successful (and Happy!) Long Distance Relationship


Maybe you’re separated by jobs that keep you in different cities. Or a war that brings him across the globe in dangerous places. Perhaps you’re both pursuing different dreams in different states but your love the mutual, binding part that keeps you meeting in the middle. Having a long distance relationship is not only a brave decision but it’s one that can cause a lot of anxiety in a courtship. The plain – and yes, sad – truth is that most LDR do ultimately fail because the time apart just becomes big enough to pull you and your guy in opposite directions. The good news? Many LDR do end in a beautiful, healthy and happy marriage. It’s just going to take a little work on both ends. Here are five steps to making sure your relationship that’s across the miles – go the extra mile.

Have a Threesome With Technology

Though technology can be a menace to some relationships (Facebook stalking!), for LDR, having multiple ways to connect virtually is a blessing. No matter how busy you are with school or your full-time job, to keep your relationship thriving, make sure to set up at least three times a week to see each other via Skype or Google Hangout. Being able to see his facial expressions, the cute dimples you fell in love with and those eyes that get you every time will help you remember why you’re putting in the effort to make it work.

Go Old Fashioned

You may not be a wordsmith, but we bet you can write at least two sentences about why you love your guy so much. Or if you’re really out of sentiments (we know he leaves you speechless sometimes) – pick up a card the next time you go to the drugstore. Send him an actual piece of mail every other week but never tell him about it. That way, one day, when he’s in a bad mood or you got into a fight because you miss one another, he’ll see your name in his mailbox and it’ll raise his spirits. We bet you may get a note in return – or maybe even flowers!

Save Your Money

Even if you’re a student and with limited funds, it’s important for both of you to remember the importance of actually seeing one another. No amount of emails or Skyping sessions can replace being able to hug the person you love. As a couple, talk about the amount of cash you each need to save weekly to be able to see each other once a month or once every other month. This may mean a few less cocktails or take out orders, but it’ll be worth it to spend a weekend with a guy you hope you’ll marry.

Do Something Together Virtually

Set up your laptop in your kitchen and pick a recipe that you’ll both make at the same time. Instead of talking about the same boring daily things (“How was work?” “Do you miss me?” “What are you doing tomorrow?”) – doing an activity will keep your relationship and your conversations fun and interesting. If you’re not exactly a cook, you can also watch a movie together on Netflix or play a game like Catch Phrase. It’s like hanging out in person, but through a computer screen instead.

Keep it Sexy!

Even if you can’t touch each other as often as you’d like, remember to keep the spark alive by sending a few dirty text messages throughout the week and putting on some lingerie for one of your Skyping sessions. He’ll not only appreciate it (and we’re sure, get excited), but it’ll make him that much more determined to see you sooner.

By Aurora Brown

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