Is It Possible to Get Engaged Too Fast?


Former American Idol judge Simon Cowell is taking a surprising break from his fiancee, makeup artist Mezhgan Hussainy. The news was confirmed by Simon’s mother who told The Mail on Sunday newspaper the engagement was “too quick” and that Simon is starting to regret his decision.

In our “How long should you wait to get engaged” post, many of you recommended a minimum length of one year before getting engaged. But, we wonder, is there ever an exception to the rule? Is it possible to have a successful, long lasting relationship after getting engaged after only, say, six months or less? Or is a speedy engagement the sure way ticket to splitsville? Tell us what you think!

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  1. allie says:

    I think this quite similar to the “how long to get engaged” post. I think you definitely need to know each other for a year before getting engaged. And yes, I do think couples who get engaged too soon are more likely to split. I mean how long has simon cowell known that girl? They got engaged after a month or two I think?That’s definitely too short.

  2. Kelly says:

    I think it all depends on how long you have known each other. My husband and I were friends for two years. We dated for two months before he proposed the question. We know everything about each other and are very happy. There is no straight rule for engagement – you just have to call it for your own personal situation.

  3. Katie says:

    I think you know when you and you have to trust your gut judgement. I know people who dated for years only to get engaged, married, and divorced because they found out things about their partners that made it impossible to stay together.

  4. okolie says:

    There is no rush when considering getting married. A hasty decisio is the worst thing that can happen to any couple. Mine is worse I naively thought knowing someone in church is okay to just jump into engagement. I was very wrong I jumped in within 2 weeks, now I am very sure she is not my wife but at best a very good frend. Am in fix don’t know how to tell her. But I will save the 2 of us a miserable life time. She is a beautiful woman, very good but I feel nothing for her more than good friendship.please my friends out there don’t be in a haste and never marry anyone out of pity or what people will say about a broken engagement. I have to leave church take a brake from relationships. I feel very bad but its all for d better.

  5. Laurel says:

    It all depends on the couple and how they meet, what point in life they are at, what their goals are, and what their views on marriage are. I have known many many many people who met and got engaged and married quickly who have not had a quick marriage and then a divorce. If your relationship is progressing slowly that’s fine, if not that’s fine too. Everyone is different and there are no hard and fast rules. Sometimes you just know sooner than later, and once you know, then there’s no need to drag your feet just to go by some arbitrary deadline of what someone else thinks. It’s not their life, it’s yours.

  6. Andy says:

    I think it’s all about the couple. A long term relationship followed by a proposal isn’t going to be successful if one or both of the people involved are immature. On the other hand…a couple who have known each other for just a few months…but have “older” souls…well…they have a different feel about life and living. In their case a “quick” engagement may work just fine…or better. (They are ready to learn and grow together…even through the tough stuff.)

  7. Barb says:

    I think that before you get engaged you need to really know someone, do I think that you can get engaged too quickly? I think that depends on the couple, however I do believe that you should live with someone for at least a year prior to getting married. That’s just a rule that I live by. My fiance is in Afghanistan right now, so it’s hard. He was here on leave not that long ago, and when his deployment ends, we’ll make things more official; but some may say that we’re rushing into things, but we know each other really well, and several people have told us how great we are together and how we ‘match’. When push comes to shove, I think it’s how well you communicate and discuss the serious issues prior to getting engaged. I also don’t believe in playing head games or keeping secrets from the man I’m in a relationship with. That’s just my opinion.

  8. Lois says:

    As many people have stated above, “I think it depends upon the couple”. My husband and I were engaged less than 2 weeks after meeting (we met on Jan. 26). We were married on March 12 of that very same year. This March, we will celebrate our 10th Anniversary. We are very happily married and we have four children. One of the priests I know, stated he stopped trying to guess which relationships would last or not. The ones he thought would be over and divorced within a year of marrying are the ones who survive the longest, while he said some of the strongest couples he’s counseled don’t make it 5 years.

  9. JT says:

    Iv actually known my gf for 7 months she recently broke up with me bc she wants to get married. I’m trying to get an answer. We both love each other very very much and I wanna pop the question. We are very happy with each other when we are together, sometimes a fuss will come about but we make it work out. I want to pop the question but afraid it’s to soon can anyone help me.

  10. juliette says:

    Hi JT,

    7 months is really early in a relationship. But every relationship is different. If you really feel like she’s the one and you’ve been thinking about proposing for a while, maybe it’s time to plan your proposal. But you shouldn’t propose if you are unsure, just because you feel pressured to do so.


  11. Terry says:

    I have been dating my gf for about 1 month. I was married for 9 yrs. My gf and I both have kids close in age and we are both independent. I said I would never get married again until I started dating her. I am ring shopping now. I knew I wanted to marry her when I first saw her and knew 100% when I kissed her. We have talked about it alot. She is waiting on me. I guess when you know you know.

  12. Jenna says:

    Reading this thread and would like to know if Terry married this woman and if they’re still together?

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