9 Best “Marry Me” Proposal Ideas




1 – Draw it on the Beach

Take her to the beach and draw your initials in the sand together. Challenge her to come up with her best seaside artwork, saying it’s only fair not to look at the other person’s space while they’re creating. Etch out “Will you marry me?” and reveal it to her. See more beach proposal ideas >>

2 – Make it Noteworthy

If you often leave each other reminders around the house, place a very important note on the fridge that she can’t miss. Have it read, “To Do: Marry Me”. Make sure you’re waiting with a ring to guarantee she follows through! See more love note proposal ideas >>

3 – Lead Her to You

Write everything you love about her on note cards, balloons or tied to individual red roses. Leave a trail around the house, ending with “and those are just a few reasons why I want to marry you.” See more rose proposal ideas >>

4 – Put it On Display

Is she interested in paintings and sculptures? Arrange to have your own piece of art shown at a gallery or local exhibit. Perhaps a large canvas with “(Her name), Will you marry me? Love, (Your name)”. Hold hands as you walk in front of it, then pop the question once she notices. See more creative proposal stories >>

5 – Write it in the Sky

Spending the day at the beach or someplace else in the great outdoors? Have a plane either write it in the clouds or pull a banner behind it. Tell her that you’re so in love with her, you can barely keep your head out of the cloud. See more sky proposal ideas >>

6 – Propose with a Little Help from Your Pet

Have a new pet tag engraved with the words “Will you marry me?”, and place it on your furry friend’s collar. Ask her if she’s positive the information is correct so she’s sure to read your message. See more pet proposal ideas >>

7 – Give Her the Love du Jour

Have the maître d’ at your favorite restaurant slip a list of the evening’s specials into the menu. Write something like “Special: You to me. Will you be my wife (her name here)?”. When she looks up, be waiting for her answer on one knee. See more restaurant proposal ideas >>

8 – Involve Her Loved Ones

Ask friends and family to pick up a plain white t-shirt and each draw a letter on it to spell out “Will You Marry Me?”. Take her to a favorite spot, and have them waiting when you show up. See more family proposal ideas >>

9 – Propose in a Record Store

Is she a music lover? Take her shopping at her favorite record store. Chances you know which section she likes to browse the best. Hide a special vinyl there where she’ll read “Will you marry me (her name)?” and be sure to be waiting on your knee when she turns around. See more record store proposal ideas >>


Photo Credit: or get that “Marry Me” lantern from Etsy!

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