8 Thanksgiving Proposal Ideas


Thanksgiving is the perfect time to let your significant other know just how much she means in your life. What better way to express how thankful you are for her presence than proposing? Here are 8 great ideas on how to pop the question on Thanksgiving to help you plan your perfect proposal.

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1. A Thankful Thanksgiving Proposal

If you have the tradition of going around the room or table at some point and expressing what you’re thankful for, you couldn’t ask for a better opportunity. Gush over her in front of friends and/or family (preferably hers) and then get down on one knee. Make sure you have the ring handy. Entrust it to someone else at the table, keep it in your pocket, you could even get away with taping it to the bottom of the table after checking with the hostess about seating arrangements. Just remember that I don’t use “gush” lightly. You don’t want to just say, “I’m thankful for you. Will you marry me?” This is your opportunity to make her feel like the luckiest girl in the world– use it!

2. A Nature Walk Thanksgiving Proposal

Some families enjoy some wonderful time outside after Thanksgiving dinner to work off some of the calories and enjoy the brisk winter approaching. Whether this presents a more private opportunity or ideal scenery, it could be the perfect opportunity. Pull her aside and use the atmosphere! Whether others know what you’re doing or not (and I would suggest having someone handy with a camera close by for the moment, but that’s just me), make sure to let others know so they can take part in your celebrating!

3. A Dessert Thanksgiving Proposal

When the dinner is coming to an end and the pumpkin pie appears, tap your glass with a fork for attention, and ask her something sweet. This is ideal if you don’t have the “I’m thankful for____” tradition, because everyone is still gathered but they’re not as focused on stuffing food into their mouths.

4. A Cooking Thanksgiving Proposal

If you are the ones preparing the food, cooking can be hectic. What better way to relieve the stress, and enjoy a private moment before all your guests arrive, but interrupting the cooking with an “impromptu” proposal? While you are furiously mixing away at something, come up behind her and start the day off in the best way possible.

5. A Traditional Thanksgiving Proposal

Plan the proposal around the activities of the day. Whether you want it to be private or public, with family or friends– of course mold this around your to-be-fiance. Whether you’re playing board games in the evening, watching football, enjoying the weather, expressing your thanks, or having a cozy time by the fire after dinner, you want to plan this proposal around the day. Personally, no matter when you do it, I think a “thankful list” of some kind is the best way to approach it to go with the holiday and remind your sweetie of all her qualities that really mean the most to you and made you fall in love with her.

6. Seating Arrangements Thanksgiving Proposal

If you have a formal sit-down dinner, find a way to put the ring on your place card, her plate, or even tie it to her water/wine glass. Just make sure she sees it!! If not, you’ll eventually have to point it out as you get down on one knee. Yes, that may be difficult at the table– but still oh so important. You could even have a replacement place card that says, “Look [to your left/right]” or “Look behind you.” Also, if you put it on her plate– make sure it’s secure (aka in the box).

7. Football Thanksgiving Proposal, anyone?

If you’re a family that has the tradition of a football game after the big dinner to help work off those extra calories, find a time during the game to let your sweetie know how badly you want her on your team, if you know what I mean. Whether it’s when you’re picking people for your team or after you score and she’s cheering from the sidelines, there’s nothing better than a casual, fun proposal.

8. End of the night Thanksgiving Proposal

If you don’t want to risk proposing in front of the family (though I’m pretty sure that’s what proposing on Thanksgiving entails), wait until you retire for the night (or walk her to her door) and tell her how thankful you are for the time together, the holiday, and you had one more thing to ask/do before Thanksgiving was over. That, of course, is your cue to drop to one knee.


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