Leap Year Proposal: How to Propose to Your Man


Think women proposing is an entirely new phenomenon? Think again! The tradition of women proposing on Leap Year dates all the way back to the 5th century Ireland. According to the legend, an Irish nun asked St Patrick to allow women to propose on Leap Year, since some of their suitors were to shy to pop the question. He then allowed women to propose on Leap Year only.

Nowadays, no need to wait for Leap Year ladies. We see more and more women proposing, and men even started wearing their own engagement rings. But if you’re already planning on proposing, why not do so on February 29th?

leap year proposal


Why should you propose on Leap Year day?

If you’ve already discussed marriage, and you know you share goals for the future with your partner, maybe it’s time to get engaged. Maybe he hasn’t propose yet because he’s just waiting for you to say something. And February 29th is a great day to pop to honor a fun tradition!

Tailor your Leap Year proposal to your man’s taste

If you decide to propose, make sure the proposal is meaningful to him and your relationship. Include some of his favorite things to do, references to high notes in your relationship so far and plans you have for a future with him. Cook his favorite meal or go to his favorite restaurant. or take him away for a long Leap Year week-end.

The matter of his engagement ring

If you think your man would be open to wear his own engagement ring, work with a jeweler to get a personalized band, with a love message engraved inside, or the date: “Leap Year Day 2016”. You can get yourself a matching band or ring so you can both show the world you’ll soon tie the knot, or leave it to him to propose back with the engagement ring of your dreams.

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