The DOs and DONTs of Proposing at Christmas


Christmas time ’tis the season for proposals, but there are some things guys just need to know when it comes to proposing around this magical time.


Winter Has Come

DO make sure it’s absolutely magical. Horse drawn carriage rides? Walks gazing at the awesome Christmas lights? Those are all instant wins.

DONT forget about the details. If you’re going to be out in the cold, bring a blanket or an extra coat for your lady. Going to be out late at night? A flashlight could come in handy.

It’s Family Time

DO spend time with your families. It’s Christmas after all! Either involve them with the proposal or plan a fantastic way to share the news with them.

DONT propose in front of a large group unless you know she wouldn’t be freaked out by that. Nothing’s worse than a big fat rejection in front of the family during the holidays.

Nostalgic but not Boring

DO include tradition. Mistletoe, hot cocoa, Christmas carols– whatever takes your girl back to the magical days when she was a child– all of it can be great ways to make a unique proposal.
DONT make it cliche. Ever. Just not cool. Find new and interesting twists to the old traditions and make fantastic memories. A Christmas carol that has the words changed to propose? Fantastic! Standing under the mistletoe but stopping mid-kiss to propose– genuis!

How would you propose on Christmas?


Photo Credit: Kelly Pratt Photography

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  1. David says:

    Wow, wish I read this sooner. Great advicen- will know for next time!

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