The Best Way to Pop the Question: The Power Couple


You’ve earned your dream career and found your dream mate (and no, it’s not your iPhone). It’s only natural that two successful people like yourselves have found your way to each other.

The Classic Approach

Spare No Expense on the Fancy Date

Even thought she’s used yo your romantic, fancy dates, kick it up a notch. Does she enjoy fancy dinners? Rent the whole restaurant just for the two of you. Used to taking a cab together and going out in her classy, little black dress? Send a limo to deliver the stylish dress she’s been eyeing in the store window. Even if it take some extra savings, if showering your woman with glitz and glamour is your thing, make sure you go above and beyond for this special night.

Modern Idea

The Faux Promotion Party

As the proud girlfriend, who can identify with how hard you dedicate yourself to your career, she’d be more than happy to be your plus one at a party dedicated to your greatness. However, you’re really inviting her to your engagement party (hiding her friends in the back with your co-workers as the decoys). Get your boss on it too, and right when he’s about to announce your “career honor”, call her to the front and explain that the greatest honor you could receive isn’t anything that has to do with your career, but rather her hand in marriage.

Photo by Jen Lynne

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