Awesome 4th of July proposals


Ahhh, the Fourth of July! What a great day for loving life. National pride, cookouts, fireworks– what’s there not to love? All the more reason to turn this fun holiday into the perfect setting for your proposal. After all, when you kiss her, she’ll definitely see fireworks!

A Parade:
This guy works in the proposal early on in the day by working it into a parade. He watched with her from the sidelines until the float came around and unveiled the banner. By the time she realized what was happening, he was already on his knee.

Chilling at a cookout/at-home fireworks:
So you’re all sitting around with family lighting your own fireworks. What a great setting, right? Check out how this guy smoothly had the garage door go down during it to reveal a special message.

During the ACTUAL fireworks with someone filming:
This has to be the most romantic, silent 40 seconds I’ve ever witnessed. After lighting some fireworks, this guys proposes. It makes the most adorable silhouette picture ever (can you say incredible save-the-date photos? I think so). Just make sure you speak VERY loudly. Or at least be proficient at miming…in the dark.


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