5 Best Marriage Proposals Caught on Tape


Love marriage proposal videos? Check out these five proposal videos that are our favorites:


In this video we see the whole thing: the planning process, the setting up of the proposal, the proposal and the aftermath. The execution is perfect, and it could have all easily led to disaster if she let go of the rope. Watch the video to see what we mean.


Brandon proposed to Stacy using a large 10×11 billboard. Needless to say, but she didn’t see it coming.


This loud proposal takes place at a summer camp where everyone is playing a festive game of “Gorilla, Man, Gun” (similar to Rock, Paper, Scissors). But in the middle of the game someone decides to pop the question.


A proposal at the airport might not sound romantic, but this proposal where a navy officer proposes to his girlfriend with the help of all the airplane passengers is too adorable for words.


By far one of the most popular proposal videos, this musical proposal that takes place in Disneyland is truly epic.

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