Are there any custom engagement ring designers that can create a unique setting for me?


Q: Are there any custom engagement ring designers that can create an unique setting for me? When my boyfriend proposes (it’s coming soon!), he has said that it will just be a diamond solitaire to begin with; the setting will be chosen later. This way the focus of the budget goes towards the diamond itself. The problem I’m having, is that I’m not one for a traditional setting; I like a ring that looks unique. I found one or two places, but they are both out of state (I’m in southern CA). Is there another way to create my setting that I’m not thinking of?

A: Any local jeweler can help your fiance customize a ring. Larger chains and department stores don’t do it. However any independent jeweler can help you create a unique piece. Where are you located?

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  1. Maureen says:

    South Orange County; in between Newport Beach and Irvine. :)

  2. Alex says:

    I’ve spent months hunting for a custom ring for my beloved, who is also not wanting a traditional setting. I looked through Etsy and used Pinterest like mad to find designs I know she’ll love. I used the search term “unique engagement ring”. I was about to go to a local jeweler when I stumbled upon a vintage/antique goldsmith that ships and can work with a local jeweler (hugo kohl if anyone is interested). Point is, I found online searching and Pinterest to be the best ways to pull ideas together so I had a good idea what I wanted made before finally working with a craftsman.

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