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Good and bad omens are most probably just silly superstitions. If you believe in the powers of talisman jewelry and crystals, it is something we will explore in the second part of this article. But first, I found a lot of crazy superstitions out there. Here are my 6 “favorite” jewelry/engagement related ones with my comments…

  1. If one of your girlfriends tries on your ring, she will steal your happiness and possibly your fiancé. That’s routed in misogyny… It’s 2021, women support each other!

  2. If your diamond dims it means your fiancé is cheating. This one is easy, if your diamond looks poorly, it’s time to clean your ring!

  3. Losing your engagement ring is bad luck. It feels horrible when it happens, but much less if you have ring insurance. Get jewelry insurance, it’s worth it!

  4. A 3-stone ring is supposed to represent your past, present and future so it is a bad omen if you lose one of the stones. Losing engagement ring stones over time is not a rare occurrence. You need to bring your ring back to your jeweler once a year to check for any loose stones. If you  plan on wearing your engagement ring for all activities, including at work if you wear gloves, pick a low-set bezel setting. It is the best way to keep your stones secure.

  5. If the proposer sees a snake or dead bird on the way to propose, he should move the date. It’s a great idea! Proposers are already very anxious, it could kill the mood of the day. Truth be told, it takes some proposers many tries to finally get the nerves to propose. We have heard stories of men buying the ring months, if not years, before proposing.

  6. The first who drops the wedding band at the altar will die. All men must die… I am kidding. It happens a lot, it is a sign that you are truly emotional which is expected on your wedding day. I consider it a good omen.

  7. Insurance is the best engagement ring bad juju protector.


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Let’s talk vintage jewelry. Should you be worried when wearing an engagement ring that used to belong to someone else? I asked my friend Jennifer Gandia (co-owner of Greenwich St. Jewelers and a very spiritual being) what to do in this situation, especially if it’s not a family heirloom and you have no idea where it came from.

“I don’t believe in good/bad omens in connection to jewelry, personally. However, if I were using a ring that I knew came from a bad marriage I’d probably just cleanse it in salt, or under a full moon. Then infuse it with my own intention. This is all highly subjective, however. Most of us wear vintage jewelry with no idea what kind of person or situation it’s come from…” Says Gandia.

Now let’s talk gem magic. Diamonds have always symbolized strength, power and an everlasting romantic bond. There are also colored gemstones with amazing properties as alternative options for your engagement ring center stone. I asked my friend Delphine Leymarie — whose jewelry line is full of protective  and empowering gemstones– to give us some feedback on the topic. She came through with the great column below.


Auspicious engagement ring stones by Delphine Leymarie


So you’re thinking of getting engaged, and you want something else than a white diamond. You are wondering if there are more auspicious colored gems to choose as an engagement ring versus others that may not be such great idea in terms of energy.

Rather than good or bad, as energy just exists, I encourage people to think of it in terms of excess or lack, too much or not enough, as it is an imbalance that causes the positive or negative effects, rather than the energy itself. I think of gems as tools to help us balance our energy, and potent ones as they are worn on the body. 

If you’re thinking of a color gem for your engagement ring, I would consider how the color of the gem can synch up with the color of your different chakras, the energy centers located along your spine on your subtle body — the energetic field that expand outside your physical self. Different colors have different wavelengths that synch with the spinning energy of different chakras. 

So while diamonds symbolize strength and clarity of mind, good values to bring into a union, if you choose a salt & pepper one that has black or grey inclusions, you’ll be adding  grounding, and sense of foundation & home as well. A red gem such as a ruby will nurture your creative side and & encourage your kundalini to rise, symbolizing the passionate side of your union.  A yellow gem, say sapphire or citrine, will help activate your power center & sense of self, while green will put a stronger focus on staying in tune with your emotions.  Emeralds have long been chosen for that reason, and are thought to be the gem of true lovers. Speaking of love, pink is my favorite alternative bridal center stone as it is the vibration of universal love, perfectly suited for a marriage. Or anyone, really. I often wear a gorgeously vibrant pink tourmaline on my finger to remind ça myself a that I am love(d). Blue gems will help you speak your truth, say aquamarine, turquoise or blue sapphires, while purple gems such as amethyst help you connect with your third eye and intuition. Want to add all these symbols to your commitment? Perhaps a rainbow is what you need then, and opals come to mind — although you’ll have to be a bit more careful than with a diamond as they are not as strong and somewhat porous. Relationship require you take great care of them to to flourish, so not a bad symbol either! 


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