Sagittarius Engagement Rings



November 22 – December 21

Sagittarius women are outgoing and friendly beings. They also excel in sports and like the outdoors. When looking for engagement rings to fit a Sagittarius gal lifestyle, you should consider pieces that are practical to wear daily and an homage to this sign’s characteristics.

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The symbol for the Sagittarius sign is an archer. We love this  platinum engagement ring by Blue Nile. The center stone is set between two diamond arrow heads.furrer-jacot-saggiterius-engagement-ring

This  Brian Gavin engagement ring is perfect for a Sagittarius girl. It is modern, fun and easy to wear with a mesmerizing hearts and arrow (Hint!) center diamond.mark-schneider-saggiterius-engagement-ring

The best  bet for an athletic girl who doesn’t want to remove her engagement ring all the time is to pick a bezel setting. This  Mark Schneider ring is perfect as it is easy to wear and a very unique design that will be a conversation starter for our social girl. jessieve-saggiterius-engagement-ring

How about wearing a Sagittarius constellation on your finger? It’s an alternative pick but some of you really want something unexpected so… why not?  This ring is from designer  Jessie V E‘s. It is so dainty and inspirational.sholdt-saggiterius-engagement-ring

Here is a stunning full bezel princess engagement ring by Sholdt. It fits perfectly  in an athletic lifestyle with some really amazing design elements and added diamond sparkle.salt-and-stone-saggiterius-engagement-ring

Sagittarius ladies have sunny personalities people are attracted to.  This Salt + Stone engagement ring features a side stylized sun detail in rose gold. We love it!

Astrology birthstones are not official birthstones. To check out if birthstone engagement ring click here.

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  1. KD Timerman says:

    Love the salt & stone ring❤ my favorite pick from the Sagittarius rings!!!!

  2. ERICA says:

    My favorite is the Furrer Jacot at Brian Gavin

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