Engagement Rings for The Cancer Gal


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June 20 – July 22

Cancer women are sensitive and very loyal. They make awesome partners. They are most definitely in for the long haul and they care a lot about their love’s comfort and happiness. When picking an engagement ring for yourself or your partner, the design and stone should echo what is so meaningful to this nurturing and romantic sign.

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Noam Carver Floral rose cut

Cancer ladies have their heart on their sleeve. Picking an engagement ring with a romantic rose cut diamond is a great way to show your girl that you care about her deeply and that your heart is hers. Especially if it set in this Noam Carver floral setting.

heart diamond engagement ring - coast diamond

This pink Padparadscha heart set in platinum is a stunner. It’s a splurge but so worth it, it’s spectacular. By Coast.



stardust cancer engagement ring

There are two hearts surrounding the round diamond center stone on this setting by Stardust designs. A perfect illustration of your eternal love for each other.

parade design engagement ring rose gold


Give her an everlasting bouquet to wear on her finger forever! This one of a kind setting by Parade Design is just perfect.


This ring by Sylvie is vintage inspired with a lovely princess cut diamond center, perfect for the romantic princess in you.


polly wales cancer engagement ring

Polly Wales loves to work with imperfect diamonds  to make beautiful and unique engagement rings and wedding bands. People are not perfect but love can be. This ring is as unique as your Cancer woman is.

Astrology birthstones are not official birthstones. To check out if birthstone engagement ring click here.

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  1. sara says:

    The rings are very beautiful I love then

  2. Shamilah solomon says:

    I love the yellow diamond cluster ring

  3. Tanisha Dowling says:

    The heart shape is beautiful and yes some cancer women do wear their hearts on the sleeves

  4. Stormy says:

    I love the stardust

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