Thanksgiving Proposal


Every year, Megan’s family goes around the table and says something they are thankful for. Garrett was getting to participate in the tradition, and decided to make it extra special. More than anything, he wanted to incorporate Megan’s grandfather, who passed away in June 2012.

So they passed Garrett and after everyone had said something they were grateful for, he turned and said that there was something he had forgotten to say. He told the family he was thankful he got to meet all of them, especially Megan’s grandfather, then shared an adorable story of how before he passed away he had asked Garrett to take care of his granddaughter, and then Garrett says he plans on keeping that promise.

I love this proposal because if I was to experience a Thanksgiving proposal, I imagine this is how I’d want it to go. It was in front of her family, and made part of a tradition that was clearly near and dear to her heart. I can only imagine how this will play into years to come. “I’m so thankful you proposed to me today [insert number of years] ago!”


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