Proposing with Cake


This Valentine’s Day, you may think it’s romantic to propose through a baked good. We think this is a delicious idea, as long as you don’t actually hide the ring in the food (it’s a proven choking hazard and a true romance killer). Here are some great ways to pull off this sweet, sweet proposal.

Beware of some store bought cakes. According to, this is a proposal fail. What's with the color of that diamond anyway?

Whether you’re writing on brownies you baked from a box or crafting her a piece of culinary excellence, letting her know you care by making something yourself is extra meaningful. Imagine her surprise when she expects dessert but instead finds a message on her cake. If your girl has a thing for sweet treats, she’ll definitely love and appreciate this proposal.

2) Get her favorite cupcake shop in on it

Cupcakes are all the rage these days and if your girlfriend is a cupcake fanatic, you know she has her favorite shop. Plan to ask the bakers if they can make a special cupcake just for her and have it in the display window. Imagine her surprise when she’s reading the titles of today’s fresh cupcakes and she see’s her own name listed as a flavor. Just don’t put the ring on top of the icing. That’s a bit messy.

3) Pop out of the cake yourself

If show girls can do it, why not you? Enlist the help of your creative friends and find a way to make a giant cake (cardboard may be the way to go) and surprise her at some social event she doesn’t think she’ll see you at. Imagine her surprise when you not only pop out of the cake, but you also pop the question!

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