Matching a Wedding Band to your E-Ring


My engagement ring was by Simon G. Jewelry and my wedding band was by Kays. Photo by Christi Falls Photography

Receiving your engagement ring is a big deal– but know what’s an even bigger deal? Picking out your wedding band! For some ladies, this is easier than others. If you helped your fiance pick out the ring, then you may already  have an idea in mind for your wedding band too. My mother picked out her engagement ring and picked a set that came with the wedding band. Talk about easy!

Others, however, have a more difficult road to travel.

For me, it was quite the hit and miss process to find my perfect wedding band. After winning our engagement ring from Simon G. Jewelry, we were so blown away by how big it was– my fiance almost refused to buy a wedding band. He said my engagement ring could serve the purpose as both.

I know some ladies who have done that and it works out great for them, but for me, I wanted a band to go with my ring. However, size was an issue. It seemed like every wedding band out there was just way too huge to go with my ring. Then I had other jewelers try to sell me on black diamond eternity bands or sapphire accent rings on both side.  It would too bulky or look too thick laying next to my engagement ring. I felt like a hopeless case.

Until one day, when I was having kind of a bum day, I decided to take a chance. I marched into Kays jewelry and said, “My fiance says there’s no wedding band that could possibly look good with my ring. Can you find something?”

The woman behind the counter barely hesitated or blinked when she said, “I know just the thing.” And poof! Out came the tiniest, daintiest, braided diamond wedding band. And because it was much smaller than most wedding bands, the price was definitely right for my fiance.

Matching your ring can be difficult. But there are some things you can keep in mind:

1) Keep size in perspective. If you have a big ring, look toward smaller bands. If you have a smaller ring, look for something of equal or greater size to balance it out. Not all wedding bands are one-size looks great.

2) Keep texture in mind. Everyone kept trying to sell me on eternity bands because my ring already had so many diamonds on it. However, it never seemed to look right. It wasn’t until I tried a smaller braided ring that the texture matched the side of my ring and looked like it belonged all along.

3) Don’t worry about going traditional. Sometimes not having a wedding band or choosing a band with colored stones is right for you. You never know until you try!

4) If all else fails, ask a jeweler. These people know what they’re doing. It took two seconds out of months of searching on my own for one lady to find the perfect band. It never hurts to ask a jeweler to play matchmaker for you.


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  1. Keep in mind you can have one made that goes with your engagement ring or just wear the wedding band on the other hand. Also you really don’t need to wear them together, and the constant rubbing of metal does abrade both rings.

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