The craziest Easter proposal ever


Just this past week, some guy pulled the craziest Easter proposal I’ve ever seen.

He dresses up in an Easter Bunny costume and “runs into” his girlfriend while she’s randomly walking with some friends in the area. They take some candy, which has the ring inside of a hollow bunny.

Eventually he gets down on one knee and proposes, causing the girl to realize her man was the bunny all along– well, at least after a photo op with some kids. Some passersby stop him before he can propose asking for candy and pictures with the Easter bunny.

The kind gent, of course obliged. After all, who could ruin the Easter bunny persona for kids? Though, I guess it could be confusing later when he pulls off his head after he pops the question.

Still romantic, if you ignore the fact that some kids may need therapy.

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