A cute Thanksgiving Day proposal


Thanksgiving is such a great time to be around family. For those wanting to involve family in their proposal, turkey day could be the appropriate time. This fellow took advantage of the day of thankfulness when proposing to his girlfriend, Carissa Rae. Check out how Michael Alvarado worked in his proposal seamlessly into a family tradition of hers. My favorite line was, “This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for you.” And of course her response at the end saying, “You sneaky sneaky!”

And as if that wasn’t cute enough, the two happen to be musicians as well. You may recognize them from their viral 90s song melody on Youtube. But honestly, I LOVE their music video illustrating the frustrations of a long distance relationships the most. As I sit here with my own fiance miles away, I can definitely relate.

Congrats Michael and Carissa Rae! May you never have to be long distance EVER.

What do you think: Would you ever propose on a holiday?


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