Unusual Marriage Proposal: Man drops engagement ring off Brooklyn Bridge


marriage_proposalAnd you thought that YouTube video of a guy getting rejected at a basketball game was bad, check out this story. New York resident Don Walling decided to have a picture-perfect proposal to his girlfriend on the Brooklyn Bridge, according to NBC News. With his sister-in-law recording, he got down on one knee, opened the box and whoops! — the ring fell between the cracks and tumbled into the traffic below. But Walling didn’t give up. He quickly climbed down to the lower span and dodged traffic as he tried to rescue the ring. It wasn’t long until a police-suicide prevention truck pulled up mistakenly assuming Walling was trying to end his life. After convincing the officers he wasn’t crazy, Walling rescued the ring (which had a bent band but a still intact diamond) back to his fiancee as his family cheered from above.

While appearing on the Today show April 2, Walling explained to Ann Curry: “I didn’t drop the ring, it fell out of the box. It fell out of the box, I didn’t drop it. There was no handling. We should really contact the makers of the box and get a better box made.”


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