Three Way to Propose Online


online-datingSo it appears the “in” thing now is proposing via Twitter. Fred Durst did it, and it’s probably the only reason why we’re talking about Fred Durst. But it this phenomena more than just a fad? Is society’s growing attachment to social networks altering something as old school and traditional as a marriage proposal? Technology doesn’t have to be cold and lame, there are actually a few ways to propose to someone online without looking like a lazy loser with an internet connection. Below I listed three:

Make a flash video
If you’re proficient with Flash (and hey, if you’re not you can always hire someone who is) you can create a mini Flash video of your proposal. Fill it with pictures, your favorite music and then post it on a website. Email a link to the Flash video to the person you love with a very nonchalant subject like, “Hey, I think I misplaced my keys this morning?” They’ll be surprised once they click the link and see what you really emailed them for.

Create a pop-up
We know most people hate pop-ups, but what about creating a pop-up that literally “pops” the question? Someone on our Twitter suggested this and said it came from a movie (don’t ask us which one). The downside is that I have no idea how you could do this. Obviously this is for someone more tech savvy. But it sounds pretty sweet, yes?

Via YouTube
This one has potential for lameness, but not if done right. Set up your webcam, grab a guitar (or piano, violin, bagpipe) and sing a beautiful self-written song to your sweetheart. Or, depending on how skilled you are in stuff like this, you can create a mini animated video. Basically, my point is to be creative. Have him or her watch it in a public setting around lots of people. It could be quite the event.

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