A Year to Change Your Mind About Your Engagement Ring


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Congratulations! You have found your one and only life partner and are planning your proposal. It sounds like a dream come true, yet it can be a stressful time. How are you going to propose? Should you ask her parents? Should you pick a ring or ask her what she likes?

Gabriel & Co. has just launched a new way to shop for an engagement ring called “Shop Confidently”. You can  change your mind and trade in your engagement ring setting within a year after your purchase. Lots of couples shop together for the ring but it sometimes come with the caveat of not being able to keep the proposal planning a surprise. If the proposer knows that they can trade in the ring setting, the proposal secret is easier to keep.

There’s nothing wrong with still shopping together and changing your mind as it is often very difficult to pick between 2 beautiful rings. There are over 20,000 exquisite engagement rings settings  to pick from in the Gabriel & Co. collection!

You could also pick a setting that ends up not fitting your lifestyle. With Shop Confidently, you don’t have to stress about being 100% sure.

Check out this fun short film illustrating how difficult it sometimes feel to pick the right ring!


We just interviewed Dominick, one of the co-owner and designer of Gabriel & Co.. He gave us some back story on why they launched this great consumer purchase policy.

With that in mind, time to start shopping for a Gabriel & Co. engagement ring!

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