Creative Proposal Ideas
Fall Maze Proposal Ideas Fall Maze Proposal Ideas

Fall is the time when farms or over-achievers put together mazes for those who may want to explore. Whether the [...]

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Proposing With Pumpkins Proposing With Pumpkins

The Pumpkin Spice Latte is back, which means it’s not too early to start thinking pumpkin when it comes to [...]

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3 Birthday Proposal Ideas 3 Birthday Proposal Ideas

While proposing on birthdays can be a tricky business, more and more people are taking advantage of making the special [...]

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3 Get-Creative Proposal Ideas 3 Get-Creative Proposal Ideas

Being artistic may not be your strong suit. You may be a math-and-science type of guy, and there’s absolutely nothing [...]

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Singin' in the Rain Proposal Ideas Singin’ in the Rain Proposal Ideas

Rainy days happen. It’s just a fact. If you intended to propose outside on a certain day and you’re greeted [...]

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First Day of Fall Proposal Ideas First Day of Fall Proposal Ideas

Fall is my absolute favorite season. The boots, the sweaters, the leaves, the weather– it’s all perfect. If your girl [...]

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Snapple Cap Proposal Idea Snapple Cap Proposal Idea

Do you like Snapple? When I was in high school I was one of those annoying kids who brought or [...]

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Proposing like Shakespeare Proposing like Shakespeare

If you’re getting ready to propose, there’s no finer way to do it than with something written down. It’s a [...]

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Oh Teacher, My Teacher. Oh Teacher, My Teacher.

There’s nothing like proposing to a teacher during the school year. A time when she does the job (she hopefully [...]

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'Extreme' Proposal Ideas ‘Extreme’ Proposal Ideas

For those of you that may do some ‘extreme’ dating, what better way to propose than in the same way? [...]

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