Creative Proposal Ideas
Labor Day Weekend Proposal Ideas Labor Day Weekend Proposal Ideas

Labor Day Weekend is the first long weekend after summer, or perhaps the last of summer, if you will. Whatever [...]

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(CBS Presenter) Michael Yo's Proposal (CBS Presenter) Michael Yo’s Proposal

Michael Yo wanted to propose to his girlfriend, Claire. But, of course, he had to go above and beyond. He [...]

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Last Minute Va-K Proposal Ideas Last Minute Va-K Proposal Ideas

The end of the summer is drawing near, and that means that prime vacation time is ending as well. If [...]

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Ice Cream Proposal Ideas Ice Cream Proposal Ideas

There is nothing like going old-fashioned for your proposal. What better way to try to do that than with two [...]

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Legend of Zelda Proposal Legend of Zelda Proposal

Natalie’s boyfriend wanted a way to propose that was fitting of their relationship. So he decided convincing her to play [...]

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Escaping the Heat- Proposal Ideas

Sometimes the summer heat is just unbearable, truth be told… and that can make your proposal a little more difficult. [...]

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Kite-Flying Proposal Ideas Kite-Flying Proposal Ideas

Spring is in the air and on windy days there’s nothing better than getting out and letting your inner-child fly. [...]

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May Day Proposal Ideas

It’s hard enough to believe it’s April, but that means May Day is just around the corner…er…month. Whether you celebrate [...]

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Princess Proposal Ideas

Every girl has that side of her that wants the glass slipper deal. If your girlfriend’s princess side is more [...]

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Proposing to a Tea Lover

Sure, there’s plenty of stuff out there for coffee addicts and appreciators, but what about tea? For those of you [...]

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