Ask Andy: How do I make her Valentine’s Day interesting?


Q: Valentine’s Day is such a cliche’ holiday.  Can I just ignore it this year ? Do you think my girlfriend will be upset? Probably, so what can I do to make it interesting ? -John S.

A: Well John…it looks like you answered your own question, but I’ll reitirate for clarity’s sake.  I don’t know what your girlfriend is like, but ignoring Valentine’s Day is not the best idea.  This is a very small battle in the vast scheme of things and it sounds like you agree.

As far as her being upset if you opt out of the festivities?  I’m not sure I would hold it against her if she did.  The majority of the world will be acknowledging the day in some form or another, and it just kinda’ sucks when you feel like you’re the only one that wasn’t on the guest list.  It doesn’t sound like you’ll have to deal with that anyway so I won’t pound that drum.

“What can I do to make it interesting?”

I know we live in a culture that worships flash and “interesting” ways of doing things…but I’m a simple guy so my advice will be quite the opposite of what many would recommend. In fact, it might even come off as boring, but I’ll bet money that it will make this Valentine’s Day something she’ll remember.

hearts and stars valentine s day

Skip the billboard, limo, mobile hot tub, and body paint. (And put away the video camera in hopes that you’ll get your 15 minutes of fame on You Tube.)  Those kinds of things are entertaining sometimes…one might even call them interesting…but you can bet your bottom dollar that we’ll hear about and see enough of if come February 15th.  THAT kind of thing is getting cliche’.

I would suggest something far easier…and from where I’m sitting…far more meaningful. (Look…no matter what you do…it should be meaningful.)  Instead of thinking too hard about WHAT you’re going to do…focus on the WHO that you’re doing it for.

In other words, keep your attention on HER.  Take an interest in her. Make the day or evening or whatever you decide to do, about her.  Nothing is more flattering and uplifting than feeling like you’re the most important person in the room…especially when you receive that kind of attention from someone you love.

To me Valentine’s Day is a small slice of time where we acknowledge how special that “special someone” really is to us. Make it interesting this year by giving her your sincere, undivided attention while the 2 of you are together.  (Yeah I know…we should do that ALL the time…but let’s be real.  I may be simple but I’m not naive.)

If the above suggestion doesn’t do it for you can always give her diamond jewelry.  (That was a joke.)  If you decide on that route…be sure you mean it! (That wasn’t a joke.)

Hope this helps!  Peace out.

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Andy Koehn is the owner of Koehn & Koehn Jewelers, author of the Buy Like a Guy blog, and as he puts it, “The only woman/mom without a vagina.”

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