The Dating Prenup: Do You Need One?



These days with more and more couples living together long-term, the dating prenuptial agreement has grown in staggering popularity.

After all, most long-term couples who live together treat their relationship the same way a married couple would. They have children together, they share finances together, and so if the relationship ever came to an untimely end, they would want to protect their assets the same way a married couple would.

The dating prenuptial agreement, or a “pre-prenup,” are quick and easy to draft and are perfect for cohabitating couples who are worrying about battling over ownership of the apartment, the pets or the couch. The New York Post even gave some pointers about how to draft a dating prenup by advising couples to “discuss the idea” of the prenup, “consult a lawyer,” and “put it in writing.”

But isn’t all this talk of prenups and pre-prenups kind of…unromantic? If  a couple feels they need a dating prenup before moving in together, does this mean they subconsciously already know the relationship won’t work out? Or perhaps these pre-prenup couples are just smart and realistically living in the real world.

Psychologist Dr. Joseph Cilona told The New York Post that signing a dating prenup can reveal a lot about a partner’s trust issues. “They can help identify and reveal potentially big disparities early on, before each person is invested very deeply emotionally,” he said.

But is the popular trend a smart reflection of modern relationships, or is it just kind of sad? With Hollwood power couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie recently consulting a divorce lawyer to draft their own dating prenup, we can vouch that this trend might just stick around for awhile.

What are your thoughts on dating prenups?

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