PROPOSE TOO : How to Propose to an Athletic Guy
For a man that loves running, hiking, skiing, work outs, and being active, here are 4 ideal locations and proposal styles.
Propose Too™ Swag for Him
He put a ring on it and changed his status on social media. Now what? We have created some cool gifts to help him celebrate his new status in good fun!
PROPOSE TOO : Over the Top Proposal Ideas for Your Guy
If you are proposing back, a laid back proposal is perfect. If you are proposing first and your boyfriend is a confident extrovert, go big or go home!
The Engagement 101 x Chris Ploof Proposal Pendant
Forget the mangagement ring, If you are planning to propose back to him or propose first, you need a gift that he can wear proudly and cherish. Discover our awesome proposal pendant for him.
Yvonne Proposed Back to David!
It started as a casual friendship in our first year of high school. It wasn't until our second year that we crossed paths again in history class that the friendship would grow into something more.
Sarah Put A Ring on It and Nate Said Yes!
We have always been a little non-traditional. Having both been married before, we valued our true partnership and never felt pressured to fit into a stereotype.
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The old saying “The way to a man's heart is through his stomach” is still true. Meghan Markle sealed the deal with Prince Harry by feeding him her legendary roasted chicken which has now been rena
Double Proposal a Movie by Lisa Hammer
Starring Danielle Boivin and Edward Michael, Double Proposal is a short movie full of romance and women's empowerment. Watch the movie now and get to know the director Lisa Hammer.
Why is It Tradition for Men to Propose?
Historically, men have had control of the engagement - basically when they felt they was financially secure.